World’s 10 Best Banks – 2013

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Do you want to open a new bank account? Or you want to switch your bank account and searching for the best bank with good repute and record? There are number of factors what makes the bank best. The banks could be the center to sustainable economy and hence people expect a lot more than just securing your money from it. While choosing the bank you must verify that is the potential and credit union of the bank is insured?, is your bank paying you for using your money?, what is the bank charging you for keeping your account?, is bank providing you all the facilities of online and mobile banking?, is there any local branch of bank near your place?, can you easily find the ATM when you need money anywhere?…. and the most important thing what is the overall reputation of that bank?. Taking all the above mentioned factors into account we have prepared the list of top 10 best banks in the world that along with respect and value provide you with the best opportunities and facilities.

worlds best banks

10) China Construction Bank Corporation

China construction Bank Corporation is one of the top banks in People’s Republic of China. In 2011 it was ranked as world’s 13th largest company and as far as Market Capitalization is concerned it was world’s largest bank. Its total assets have reached US $2,361.60 billion this year. This bank has almost 13,629 domestic branches to serve its customers whenever and where ever needed. It also holds many overseas branches and whole subsidiary in London. This bank has also launched many funds for public welfare such as China Healthcare Investment Fund.

9) JP Morgan Chase and Co.

It is one of the great American multinational financial and banking services holding companies. It has largest number of assets among all the banks in United States and in 2013 its assets have increased up to US $2389.35 billion worldwide. It provides many financial services and this bank is based on composite ranking. There are many co-operate headquarters as well as headquarters of this bank. It is considered to be the most universal and friendly bank in USA which is successful in retaining the trust of its customers.

8) The Royal Bank of Scotland

The royal bank of Scotland is basically a retail banking subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group with NatWest and Ulster Bank. It provides the banking facilities throughout UK and Ireland as well. It has almost 700 branches to facilitate its customers in Scotland whereas there are many branches in England and Wales. Recently the bank has decided to sell many of its branches to Corsair consortium. The total assets are of worth US$ 2,224,124 million. It is satisfactorily fulfilling its customers’ requirements and is a tough competitor of the Bank of Scotland.

7) Barclay Bank PLC

Bank supporting 48 million customers. It is a British multinational banking company. It’s headquarter is in London, UK. It is a universal bank with the products of retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking and investment management. It has operations in more than 50 countries with the total assets of US $2414.78 billion this year. People blindly trust this bank.

6) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

It is a Japanese bank supporting large number of Japanese as well as other customers. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest financial group in Japan and holds assets of US $2486.31 billion in 2013. It provides many services to its customers including wealth management, mortgage and credit cards. It is the most famous and trusted bank for Japanese.

5) Credit Agricole SA

It is famous as CASA and is largest retail banking group in France. Although its main focus is on rural areas still it is second largest banking group in Europe and eight largest in the whole world. It has more than 21 million clients and holds the assets of US $2582.42 billion in 2013. Its head office is present in Paris and currently bank is trying to make its presence strong in various European banking markets. No doubt it is serving its clients in trustworthy manner.

4) BNP Paribas SA

It is a French bank facilitating the Islamic banking and many other services to its clients. It is a merger of two banks and hence forms one of the largest banking systems in the world, holding the total assets of US $ 2507.96 billion. This is a universal bank divided into three strategic business units to ease the clients. It has significant retail operations in many important countries as US, Poland, turkey, North Africa, Singapore and Hong Kong. Recently it is awarded the Bank of the Year by International Financing Review. Striving to help to establish the economies in better way.

3) Deutsche Bank AG

It is German Global banking company. Its headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany. 100,000 employees are working for it in more than 70 countries. It offers financial products and services to local as well as private and business clients. It holds the assets of US $2597.36 billion in 2013 and is in top three of the best banks list. The bank is trying to flourish its every sector by offering compatible packages to its clients.

2) HSBC Holdings

HSBC is world’s largest banking and financial server. It is serving currently more than 58 million people through its four widely spread businesses. It is holding the assets of US $2681.36 billion in 2013. And is ranked 2nd among the world best banks. It helps you to fulfill your aims and lead towards sustainable economy. It helps many small and large companies to grow internationally by supporting them in every possible way. Works a lot for local people as well.

1) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

As China is prone to become the super power, its banks are working efficiently and are supporting its economy prominently. It is ranked 1st in the world’s best banks for 2013. It is the largest bank of the world by market capitalization and profits. It is currently holding the assets of US $ 2953.85 billion. It is the biggest state owned bank. It has more than 18,000 outlets and 106 overseas branches. This bank definitely provides all the opportunities and facilities to make its economy as well as industry strong by satisfying all the needs of dealers and clients.

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