Top 10 Cleanest Cities In 2014

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The attention required by our environment in 2014 is even more than the previous years. The ozone layer is depleting. Smoke is clogging up the prospect of any happiness received from ‘fresh air’. At a time like this, people would literally do anything to get away from the dystopia that we’ve brought upon ourselves. The simplicity of the fact is that, even in this oh-so polluted world, there are these few places where the sun shines brightly and doesn’t burn up your skin. Where stepping out on the street will give you the purest possible air instead of ash filled smoke.  It’s the features like these which land these towns on the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world.

10. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany

The city is on this list because of its green hills, car- free roads and its overall ecofriendly environment.  The people are aware of the threats that might be posed to the environment and do well to battle it. The population is healthy and all its natural beauty attracts a lot of tourists.

9. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

It is one of the most expensive cities in the world, also known as the ‘heart of Europe.’ That being said, it has got to be clean. Garbage cans are set up at different place and the citizens are amazing in depositing their litter where it belongs and that is why it is in the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world in 2014.

8. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Finland
It is easily one of the prettiest cities. Nothing is clustered; its layout is the symmetrical and orderly like that of its architectural buildings. With a population of over 1.1 million people, the Government does its best to maintain a hygienic and fresh environment.

7. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

It’s a tourist eye candy with its cleanliness and green surroundings. It has cultural lure, a dense landscape and finger licking food that attracts 3.6 million people to it annually. The inhabitants are healthy due to the sanitation and are sensible in waste disposal and do well to preserve the ambience of the city, making it one of the most cleanest cities in the world in 2014.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen being the capital of Denmark is its centre.  It has beautiful sceneries and tourists flocking its streets due to the historical magnetism the city provides. The Government and people, however, conserve the atmosphere well.

5. Kobe, Japan

Kobe, Japan

Japan is the third largest economy of the world and produces a lot of technical equipment. This sort of manufacturing creates a lot of pollution yet Japan is on the fifth spot on the list for world’s top ten cleanest cities in 2014. This shows that the people are following the Government’s instructions on sustaining a healthy city.

4. Minneapolis, USA

Minneapolis, USA

It is the largest city in the state of Minnesota and is on the trade and transportation front. It accommodates a population of 3.3 million people yet manages to be hygienic and utterly beautiful. The trade creates revenue via taxation which is utilized to retain the purity.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

This Island is every working person’s dream. Completely cut off from the world, it is one of those places you escape to for fresh air, quite literally. The regular rainfall assists the atmosphere by settling down the dust and the pacific breezes blow out pollution. Honolulu stands 3rd in the list of top 10 most clean cities in 2014.

2. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

It is a strategic city and has a design including innumerable parks and green boulevards. It is an ecologically maintainable city of Australia. The dominant market reprocesses virtually 85% of the litters and therefore making it an unsoiled and impeccable city to live in.

1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

The first city on the list of top ten cleanest cities is Calgary. Green, clean and flanked by two rivers make this city completely irresistible. This natural layout attracts the tourists and they are in awe of this city. Who wouldn’t be? It’s clean and modern and outright amazing.

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