Five biggest celebrity scandals of 2016

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The year 2016 isn’t even over yet and there have already been many top celebrity scandals. There’ve been the usual divorces and a few rape allegations. A robbery and a terrible car accident have filled up the news.

Here are five biggest celebrity scandals of 2016.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce

1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. What seemed like a fairytale romance went sour after an incident on a plane. Apparently there was some sort of screaming match between Brad and his teenage sons. Angelina filed for divorce shortly afterwards, citing a disagreement in parenting styles. Brad has since admitted some problems with alcohol. It’s likely there was more than one incident that fuelled the divorce papers.

Bill Cosby Trial Scandal - celebrity scandals

2. Bill Cosby. It’s every woman’s worst nightmare to be raped, but even worse when it’s done by a trusted father figure. As of this year, there are over 60 assault charges against Bill Cosby. While he’s battling health issues, including blindness, he’s waiting for his big trial in June 2017. Since he’s now 79 years old, it’s uncertain if he’s going to make it that far.

Kim Kardashian robbed - celebrity scandals

3. Kim Kardashian. She was robbed at Kanye West’s Paris apartment in early October. While some believe it was merely a publicity stunt, others are not so sure, as she cancelled filming of her “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show, and her husband cancelled several shows.
But one thing’s for sure: it was an inside job. Perhaps it was done by the concierge who know that she was in residence. Apparently there was a question over the concierge being extremely calm during the incident, when most people would be freaking out. The investigation continues.

Anton Yelchin - car accident - scandal

4. Anton Yelchin. Anton Yelchin had a promising film career playing Chekov in the highly successful rebooted Star Trek series, but sadly died in a crash in June. Apparently there were some recall notices on his Jeep, resulting in his parents filing a lawsuit for wrongful death against Fiat Chrysler. They lost, with the company saying that he had made changes to his Jeep that likely resulted in the accident. They also said that he had been adequately warned of the recall, and had decided to not do anything about it.

Kesha and Dr Luke - celebrity scandals - rape allegations

5. Kesha and Dr. Luke. Kesha hasn’t put out an album recently, and this is likely due to her allegations that producer Dr. Luke raped her when she was younger. And now she suffers from the eating disorder, bulimia nervosa. She blames him for the disorder, as he told her to lose weight shortly after she was signed to the label. He compared her weight to a refrigerator. At the beginning of the year she went to court to be released from her contract with Kemosabe Records, owned by Dr. Luke. She was denied. She has since created her own tour in defiance, and has not recorded any more songs with the label.
The year isn’t quite done yet. It will be interesting to see if these stories are topped by any new scandals before December.

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