Top 10 Upcoming TV Shows – Fall 2014

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Summer is approaching its end, and you’ve probably been waiting for new seasons of your favourite TV shows. However, at the same time, some of them may have just had their last season, so you are on the hunt for some new and exciting stories to keep you entertained.
We understand this, as we are in the same situation, so we’ve compiled this list to help you out.

There’s a lot of hype on social websites regarding upcoming TV shows. We’ve tried to keep up with it, and compiled this Top 10 Upcoming TV Shows – Fall 2014 list.

Without any further adieu:

  1. A to Z

A to Z - Season Pilot

Picture source: NBC.com

Launching officially on the 2nd October, 2014; the brand new TV show A to Z’s pilot has already been launched. NBC has unveiled the romantic comedy’s trailer six weeks before its premier to trigger excitement in its viewers. The lead role is being played by none other than Mad Men’s Ben Feldman and How I met your Mother’s Cristin Milioti; Andrew and Zelda. Where Andrew is a hardcore believer in fate and romance, Zelda on the other hand has a completely different outlook on life and relationships. The series chronicles their relationship from the very first day till the very end, and shows how two people of totally different thinking can get along.

  1. Black-ish


Black-ish is on the list of ABC’s TV shows which are going to be premiered in the fall of 2014. This show starring Anthony Anderson, a famous comedian, would be released on the 24th September, 2014. Anderson, named Dre in the series, plays the role of a man who tries his best to establish a cultural identity when it dawned upon him that his kids don’t realise who they really are. To find out how successful Dre is, in helping his kids discover their ethnic background, you will have to tune into ABC this fall.

  1. The Flash

flash tv show

Photo source: screenrant

The Arrow’s main actor, Grant Justin, stars in this upcoming show as Barry Allen. After an unexpected explosion at the S.T.A.R labs, Barry was bestowed with the superhuman speed which made him the fastest man alive on Earth, aka The Flash. He takes advantage of his super power, and puts it to good use, by fighting crime and saving his city. You have to wait till the 7th of October for this show, and don’t blink, or you might miss it ;).

  1. How to Get Away With Murder?

how to get away with murder tv show

With a lot of twist and more drama, ABC has another TV show to launch this fall on the 25th September, 2014. Shonda Rhimes can never get away without thrill and excitement, in fact she shows up with even more of it in this production. Casting her as the main lead, Viola Davis, she has to portray the role of a serious law school professor whose motto is “Do or die.” Being among the best in her field, Viola’s students struggle too much to get her approval regarding anything, and strive hard to have a desk at her prestigious law firm. They learn their real lessons outside the premises of her firm, during which they get caught up in a murder plot and are figuring out how to get away with it.

  1. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin  tv show

Coming out on the 13th October, 2014; the brand new TV show on CW, Jane the Virgin, is a different series with an exciting storyline. Gina Rodriguez, who is playing the role of Jane, is a virgin who gets pregnant. How? She got artificially inseminated by her gynecologist, on accident. The twist arises when she found out that the sperm belongs to a cancer survivor, who turns out to be not only her former crush but her new boss as well. Now whether she’ll keep the baby or not is the thing to find out as the series progresses.

  1. Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary tv show

The president of the United States appoints Tea as the Secretary of State after the previous occupant died in an accident. Tea who had no previous experience as a secretary of State, messes things up in Washington, D.C as well as in her home as a mother and wife. Will she be able to cope up will all the fuss?  Tune into CBS on 21st September, 2014 to find out.

  1. Red Band Society

Red Band Society tv show

This upcoming TV show is set up in the children’s ward of Los Angeles’ Hospital, where kids suffering from cancer and heart defects are admitted. The story of the series is narrated by a child who is in a coma. Red Band Society casts a bunch of kids as patients, who discuss their life changing and threatening diseases, and doctors who help them out in this tough time.

  1. Gotham

Gotham TV SHow

This show follows the rise of the Commissioner James Gordon, before he was an integral part of the Batman story, so get ready for it on Fox on the 22nd September, 2014. The series is a wonderful effort made by Fox to get into the TV/comic-book craze that’s going on at the moment. Moreover, Gotham also promises to tell the origin story of the famous comic book villains.

  1. State of Affairs

State of Affairs tv show

Katherine Heigl, former Grey’s Anatomy star, is making a grand comeback on TV with this new series, in which she plays the role of CIA attaché, who serves to the president by briefing him regarding all the matters of state. Adding up to her already stressful life, she happens to also search for her fiancé’s murderers among which she finds the president’s son.

  1. Selfie

Selfie TV Show

This is the story of Eliza (Karen Gillian) who desperately wants to become famous on social media. The series is based on the modern social media driven world. Eliza wishes to become Internet famous, for which she keeps on Instagramming and Facebooking. She gets so involved in this quest for celebrity that she loses all her real friends. At this point, desperately wishing to become her former self, she hires a marketer who helps her out in rebuilding her image. This series relates to many of today’s selfie obsessed people which make it kind of interesting.

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