Top 10 Most Racist Words in English Language

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The English language continues to surprise many due to its confusing nature and mischievously disguised words. Even if you think you are the most non-racist person around, it is most likely that you have still been using words which have racist implications. This list of top 10 most racist words in the English language will open to your eyes to some of these cleverly disguised words and educate you about their meanings and origins.


  • Cannibal

1 Cannibal

Did you think that Cannibals are just those disgusted human flesh eaters who live in the forest somewhere in the jungles of Africa? Think again, as the word cannibal also refers to the most normal human beings only guilty of belonging to tribes in the West Indies.

  • Ghetto

2 Ghetto

The word ghetto came into existence in Venice, Italy and was referred to a place where Jewish people used to live. The residents of ghettos were usually considered to be low class and hence usage of this word in the modern day has racist implications due to the dark memories of the past.

  • Barbarian

3 Barbarian

The word knows a barbarian to be a brutal and fierce person. However, the Greeks used to associate this word to all foreigners who spoke languages which the Greeks did not understand.

  • Uppity

4 Uppity

The word uppity does not sound very racy however it was used by residents of the Southern regions of America as a reference to American with African origins. The word implies that African Americans were aliens to the American society.

  • Picnic

5 Picnic

Before packing your bags for the next outdoor trip, did you ever wonder where the word picnic came from? The word ‘picnic’ dates back to lynching parties and is actually a short form for ‘pick a nigger’ making it the one of the most racist words in the English language.

  • Chinese Whisper

6 Chinese Whisper

Two words actually but combined together to result in a racist phrase which refers to the difficulty to understand Chinese language. The phrase was a modified form of the ‘Russian scandal’ or more commonly known as the ‘Russian gossip’ with similar meanings.

  • Hooligan

7 Hooligan

The hooligan is a frequently used English word which originated in the year of 1898 in a British newspaper. The word was adapted from a group of Irish immigrants belonging to the Houlihan family of Ireland who were known for their funny drinking behaviours.

  • Vandal

8 Vandal

The common man knows a vandal as someone who intentionally destroys private or public property. However, the word has a racist side attached to it due to its linkage with German tribes that attached and sacked Rome.

  • Bugger

9 Bugger

A bugger is known to be a disreputable person but did you know that it really refers to a person who is a homosexual from Bulgaria! Think again before calling someone a bugger or you would be guilt of using one of the most racist words in the English language.

  • Gyp

10 Gyp

The word gyp in modern times means “to cheat” but it actually is a condensing of the word “gypsies,” who have been stereotyped as a bunch of cheats and swindlers. The word Gypsy was also a slang used to refer to the Eastern European Romans.

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