Top 10 Most Delicious Italian Dishes

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Most people know a little bit about Italian food – if only because spaghetti and pizza are popular dishes worldwide. The best thing about it is that it is usually fairly simple to prepare, with most dishes only requiring 3 or 4 ingredients.

Of course ‘most delicious Italian dishes’ is a highly subjective term, but here are my big favorites when it comes to Italian food.



10. Pizza

popular italian pizza
It had to be here in the list of most delicious Italian dishes, of course. I’ve put it fairly low down, however, because it has largely been taken over by the Americans. Having said that, oven-baked Italian pizza is one of the best comfort foods, and it does make for a wonderfully versatile meal, given how many different combinations of toppings can be used. In past we have also written a list of best pizza toppings which is a definite heaven for pizza lovers.

9. Polenta

Polenta is a traditional food across most of northern Italy. It is highly versatile, being stirred into other meals as a filler, and can be served with cheese, fish or meat. It can either be yellow or white, depending on whether it is made from maize meal or cornmeal.

8. Risotto

Risotto - italian dish
As with most Italian dishes, risotto is a very flexible dish, with hundreds of possible variations. One of the most traditional dishes, however, is risotto alla Milanese, which is flavoured with saffron and is often served with various other regional dishes in order to keep it from being too dull a dish.

7. Casatiello

Delicious Italian Dishes
A very seasonal dish, this. Casatiello is a traditional Easter bread from the area around Naples. It is made with a very rich dough, and has cheese and salami mixed throughout it. Traditionally, it celebrates the end of Lent, and each bite is meant to tell of the rebirth of Christ.

6. Panzarotti

Panzarotti - Italian
The spelling of this dish can also be panzerotti, but however it’s spelt, it’s lovely. They are deep-fried pasties and are commonly found in southern Italy. Normally they are filled with mozzarella and tomatoes, or just mozzarella on its own. They are very easy to make, and are wonderful to use when entertaining, or as a reasonably healthy snack for children.

5. Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup
A thick soup with no fixed recipie, minestrone is made with vegetables, often adding rice or pasta to it. It is based on a meat stock – chicken or beef being most common. It is a very popular dish in Italy, often rivalling pasta for its popularity. It is certainly a warming dish to have in the middle of winter, and is well received at any time of the year.

4. Pasticiotti

Pasticiotti - Italian
There had to be at least one sweet dish on this list! Healthy eating or not, the Italians are very good at sweets. This particular dish is a pastry filled with a creamy pudding. Exactly what filling can vary depending on tastes, but the best is a plain cream, as chocolate and ricotta can overpower the taste of the pastry. Well worth finding as a dessert or as a sweet treat at any time.

3. Lasagne

Delicious  Italian Lasagne
Quite possibly one of the oldest forms of pasta, it is certainly one of the simplest, being just a wide flat shape. Of course, the word has also come to mean the dish most commonly made with the form of pasta, which is what I’m actually talking about here. It is a very simple dish, being made of layers of meat, cheese and pasta and then baked. Within Italy now, commercial lasagne pasta is made of semolina, because the only type of wheat permitted is durum. The list of most delicious Italian dishes would always be incomplete without Lasagne.

2. Spaghetti with Meatballs

Spaghetti with Meatballs
Again, one of the absolutely classic dishes whenever Italian food is mentioned, this is a simple dish, being just pasta, meat and a tomato sauce. But that very simplicity helps to keep Italian food popular, and has for a very long time. Also, this dish can be made in bulk, as only the pasta part of it would suffer if frozen once cooked. That makes it a very good dish to fit around hectic schedules, while still providing good quality food.

1. Carbonara

Carbonara - Delicious Dish
This pasta dish is originally from Rome, and has a fun story behind its creation – although there is absolutely no evidence to back up this tale. Apparently, an English gentleman who was visiting Italy requested some bacon and eggs for his breakfast. Confused as to what to do with this order, the Italian chef improvised, and came up with the dish which is now called Carbonara. It has been one of my all time favourite foods for a very long time, and I expect this to be the case forever.

So there you have it, people. I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of the wonders of Italian food, and enjoy eating the suggested dishes even more!


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