Top 10 Major Causes of Deaths in the World

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Statistics show that almost 3.9 billion people in the world would die in your average lifespan of 70 years. This means that 56 million people die a year, 153,000 a day, 6,390 each hour, 107 each minute, and 1.78 each second. Do you realize that during the time you reach the end of this article, over 500 million people would already be dead! So what are the top 10 major causes of death in the world in 2014? What reasons contribute the most? It’s hard to give a definite answer as the economy of a country plays a significant role in determining the most dominating factor over there. However, here we have collected a general list of the top 10 major causes of deaths in the world in 2014.


major causes of deaths

10. Prematurity

Prematurity is the birth of an infant born earlier than nine months having premature organs. The precise causes of prematurity are unknown. This caused deaths not only for the babies but the mothers too. Developing countries face this issue the most due to lacking quality of life and not so good medical facilities. About 1.9% of deaths are caused by it.

9. Road injuries

Young people enjoy driving in speed (Thanks to Fast and Furious!) so put on your seat belts and blow up your air bags because road injuries is the 9th most major cause of death in the world in 2014 causing 2.2% deaths. Cars are most prone to these injuries. Avoid risky behavior while driving and drive safe.

8. Diabetes Mellitus

Have a sweet tooth? Then it’s about time to control your sugar intake (if you suffer from Diabetes) because high sugar has been the cause of diabetes which has been killing people all over the world. Frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger are found out to be its symptoms of this genetical disease. 2.6 % deaths are caused by it each year.

7. Trachea Bronchus Lung Cancer

Trachea Bronchus Lung Cancer involves the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal lung cells due to long term exposure to tobacco smoke. These cancers have been proving fatal for chain-smokers all over the world causing about 2.7% of the total deaths.


HIV/AIDS is a viral disease which occurs in the human immune system caused by unprotected sex, hypodermic needles, and contaminated blood transfusion. This disease is said to be originated in Africa and has been spreading widely all over the world since then, killing around 35 million people (3%) each year, making it stand at number 6 among the top t0 major causes of death in the world in 2014.

5. Diarrhoeal Diseases

Diarrhoeal Disease is the condition of having more than three loose bowel movements everyday which, as a result, creates dehydration and salt deficiencies in the body. Risk factor includes infants and kids of the developing countries majorly who don’t have access to clean drinking water. 4.7% people lose their lives due to it.


COPD is the lung disease due to swollen, blocked, and damaged airways and air sacs. It is caused majorly by smoking and pollution. Commonly found in the developing countries, this disease has been one of the major causes of deaths. It can be smoothed down by cutting down smoking and by improving the quality of air by planting more trees. It caused 5.8% deaths.

3. Lower respiratory infections

Diseases like pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis have been the cause of death for about 6.7% of the world. These disease occurs when the lungs is inflamed by any type of infection, causing coughing, high fever, and fatigue. It stands at number 3 in the list of top 10 major causes of death in the world in 2014.

2. Stroke

Stroke refers to the brain hemorrhage that occurs when the blood in the brain either, gets clot creating blockage or the blood vessels burst. Thus, as a result, the body can experience paralysis, coma, emotional and speech problems, or in most cases, stroke can prove to be fatal. The risk factor includes old age, high blood pressure, obesity etc. It causes about 10.6% deaths a year on average.

1. Ischemic Heart Disease

This heart disease has been the number one killer from the past few years in the Western countries and therefore tops in the list of the top 10 major causes of death in the world in 2014. IHD is the blockage of arteries of the heart due to the plaque building up from an early age because of dietary disorders, excessive cholesterol intake, and smoking etc which narrow down the lumen of the arteries. The risk of this can be reduced by balancing your diet, exercising, and controlling smoking habits. It causes about 11.2% deaths a year.

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