Top 10 highest waterfalls in the UK

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Waterfalls, some of nature’s most magical creations. I haven’t met one person that wasn’t fascinated with their grandeur and amazing beauty. It’s not easy to determine what are the highest waterfalls in the UK, because the United Kingdom has SO many waterfalls, but we will do our best.
You will notice that none of the highest waterfalls in the UK actually have the word waterfall in their name. This is due to the fact that in the United Kingdom waterfalls are often called just falls, sometimes forges and fosse or spout.

Without any further a due: Top 10 highest waterfalls in the UK

10. Pistyll Blaen Y Cwm, Wales

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The name of this waterfall is certainly a mouthful, but it’s also known as the Tanat Waterfall, though this name is not so mystical. This first waterfall stands at just over 107 meters, and it’s located in Tanat Valley. Not very far from this waterfall you can see caves and other waterfalls.

9. Falls of Glomach, Scotland

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Not much higher than the previous one, but this is still one of the highest waterfalls in the UK, standing at 113 m high. Let me tell you that this waterfall won’t fail to amaze you, and the landscapes around it are simply stunning.
Walking to this waterfall is fairly easy, but once you start climbing towards the top of the waterfall the terrain becomes very steep and dangerous, so only experienced walkers should attempt this. Expect this to be a trip of roughly 6 hours.

8. An Steall Ban, Scotland

An Steall Ban, Highest waterfalls in the uk, waterfalls in scotland, waterfalls in wales

This mighty waterfall stands at 120m, and it’s also known as Steall Waterfall or Steall Falls. It’s situated in Glen Nevis near Fort Williams. Glen Nevis is in itself something worth visiting since it contains not only Steall Falls, but TWO more waterfalls. How’s that for impressive?

7. Rhaeadr Myherin, Wales

Rhaeadr Myherin, highest waterfalls, highest wasterfalls in the uk

Seriously, what’s with all the amazingly cool names? This mystical waterfall has a single drop of 70 meters, and a total drop of 122 which makes it tied with Rhaeadr y Cwm, but for the purpose of this list we’ve put them in two different spots.

6. Rhaeadr y Cwm, Wales

Rhaeadr y Cwm

If you’re interested in caving and nature walks, then this waterfall has a very nice guide here. This area is very nice for walking, mountain biking and picnics.
As mentioned before this waterfall has a total height of 122m, which makes it tied with number 7 on the highest waterfalls in the UK list.

5. Falls of Buchan Burn, Scotland

 photo IMG_1573.jpg

At an impressive 135m and 5 meters in width, this waterfall is something not to be missed. It’s one of a few waterfalls in the area, so if you’re visiting this one, it’s well worth it to research and plan a path that will lead you to the other ones as well.

4. Barvick Falls, Scotland

Barvick Falls

One of the things that sets this waterfall apart is the fact that there is a bridge right above it. This makes for a lovely photo opportunity, but also an amazing walking experience.
It’s 150m in height, so you can see why it earned the third spot on our list.

3. Pystill Gwyn, Wales

Pistyll Gwyn

Last waterfall on our list that’s located in Wales, but certainly one of the nicest and tallest ones. It’s standing at an unapologetically 152m in height and it has some amazing landscape around it. Wales has certainly it’s share of waterfalls.

2. Cautley Spout, England

Cautley Spout

This is the only waterfall on our list that’s located in England, but it’s also England’s highest waterfall above ground at an impressive 198m in height. The entire Calf plateau area around the waterfall is a very popular attraction for nature lovers and campers.

1. Eas a Chual Aluinn, Scotland

Eas a Chual Aluinn

We’ve finally reached number one, and boy what a number 1 it is indeed. This waterfall deserves the top of the highest waterfalls in the uk, not only because of it’s amazing 201 total drop, but also because the valley and the mountains that surround it are indeed a sight to see.
When this waterfall is in full flow is over three times higher than Niagara Falls.
The waterfall can be reached by a six-mile walk across boggy ground from the road three miles south of Kylesku.

Please note that these waterfalls are ranked in order of total drop.

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