Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities of 2014

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Everyone likes to talk about celebrities. These larger than life personalities are a part of everyday life for most of us, and it’s always nice to get just a little envious of the lives they lead. In that spirit I have prepared a list of highest paid celebrities of 2014 and I present to you the 10 celebs who have the highest paychecks in 2014.


Highest Paid Celebrities

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10. Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 2014 highest paid
First brought to main public attention by his role on the UK’s Pop Idol show, his harsh criticism made him the sort of person everyone loves to hate. This continued in his judging roles within X Factor and Got Talent, although he has also produced shows, and was a runner in the Shining.

His salary is $90 million US dollars.

9. George Lucas
George Lucas
The Star Wars franchise is the first thing that comes to mind when George Lucas is mentioned. However, it is not just Star Wars which has earned him a place on this list. His company, Industrial Light and Magic, is a special effects company which produced the effects for Avatar and the Avengers films. Not everything has run smoothly for him, however, as his personal project – Red Tails – only brought in $50 million.

His salary is $90 million US dollars.

8. James Patterson
James Patterson
A truly prolific writer – releasing 14 books in 2012 – James Patterson is the highest earning author in the world. He writes thrillers for adults and sci-fi/fantasy stories for younger readers, and one of his books – I, Alex Cross – is being adapted into film.

His salary is $94 million US dollars.

7. Howard Stern
Howard Stern 2014
Joining America’s Got Talent as a judge has helped boost the salary Howard Stern receives from the satellite radio shows that have been keeping him busy recently.

His salary is $95 million US dollars.

6. Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry 2014 highest paid celebs
A multi-talented person, Tyler Perry is an actor, director, producer and writer. He produces low budget films, which means that they don’t have to make a great deal to be profitable. His work in TV has also helped boost his earnings.

His salary is $105 million US dollars.

5. Dr. Dre
The founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics – although obviously better known for his rap music – most of Dr. Dre’s salary recently has come not from any of his music, but rather from a line of headphones, made by Monster. He has also endorsed a PC and laptop, which come with a set of the headphones.

His salary is $110 million US dollars.

4. Jerry Bruckheimer
Highest Earning Celebs of 2014
As a prolific film and television producer, it isn’t surprising to find Jerry Bruckheimer on this list, with films produced by both Paramount and Disney, and TV shows produced by CBS and Warner Bros, he certainly works with the big names. He is regarded as one of the greatest film producers of all time, most recently working on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

His salary is $115 million US dollars.

3. Steven Spielberg
most paid celebs of 2014
A well respected director, producer, writer, Steven Spielberg’s films are known throughout the world. Having worked on some of the best loved films of all time – most notably E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg has earned his place on any list of this sort. His most recent production, Lincoln, hasn’t harmed that reputation, being nominated for 12 Academy Awards.

His salary is $130 million US dollars.

2. Michael Bay
Michael Bay 2014+
Another director and producer, Michael Bay films are known for their fast pace and explosive special effects. Along with this, he co-owns several companies which all help to boost his income. The Transformers films have made Michael Bay known worldwide, and it was announced by Paramount that there will soon be a fourth in this series of films.

Platinum Dunes, a company which he co-founded with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, is a production company which produces work for both film and television audiences. Michael Bay also has interests in Digital Domain, a special effects company, and it seems likely that the two companies would work together quite well.

His salary is $160 million US dollars.

1. Oprah Winfrey
highest paid celebrities of 2014
Topping this list of highest paid celebrities for the last four years, Oprah Winfrey has done it again. Even though her earnings have fallen by $125 million from last year, she’s still the highest paid celebrity in the world. The drop is largely due to the lost income on the Oprah Winfrey show, although it doesn’t seem to have harmed her status or lifestyle to any great degree.

Her salary is $165 million US dollars.

Here we come to an end to the list of the highest paid celebrities of 2014. Their paychecks are probably beyond our scope of imagination!


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