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2014 promises to be the year of some of the greatest comedy flicks. Some of them have already been a hit at the theaters and many more are yet to come. Here is a list on top 10 funniest movies of 2014
Funniest Movies 2014

10. That Awkward moment

This was an off-color comedy where 3 guys were struggling to find out the future of their relationships. The film showed dating from male perspective which rendered a fun interesting watch. The film was released on 31st January.



9. A Haunted House 2

The horror-spoof-comedy showed Malcolm shifting home with his new-founded love and her family where he kept on experiencing weird paranormal incidents. To ensure ultimate complication, Malcolm suddenly found his dead girlfriend scorning at him and there couldn’t be anything worse than fury of demonic ex. The sequel spoofs popular horror films like The Conjuring, Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. The film was released on March 28.



8. Neighbors

neighbors funniest movies 2014
The film was a grand comedy featuring 2 worst neighbor duos one could possibly expect. Initially the film unfolded with the pair being nice to one another but soon the film turned to a plain hilarious laugh war between the two families. The film revolves round many contemporary aspects such as single guy V family man, dad V stud, younger guy V older man- in an adorably funny fashion. The film was released on 9th May.



7. 22 Jump Street

It is the sequel to 21 Jump Street released back in 2012. The sequel will have the detective squad poised in a college to solve a case where they would be encountering hilarious experiences of reliving college life. The movie strives to blend ridicule with contemplation that ends up being quite a laugh marathon throughout. 22 Jump street will release on 13th June.



6. The Other Woman

funny movies - other_woman
What happens when furious girlfriends team up with a scorned wife to plot revenge against a serial philanderer? Well, The Other Woman is all set to reveal a similar hilarious situation promising great fun and frolic all the way. With stellar casts like Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann, the film assures awesome glam quotient as well. The Other Woman released on April 25.



5. A million Ways To Die In The West

The film depicts the story of a naïve sheep farmer who had to lose his girlfriend after he takes out his name from local duel fight. Then he encounters a new smart lady who educates him on the art of shooting & helps him to discover his confidence and bravery. The dup falls in love along the way. The conflict starts when the sheep farmer was put to fight his new love’s infamous criminal husband. The film released on may 30.



4. The Interview

interview poster 2014
This is going to be an interesting action comedy, made even more pleasant given its handsome anchor protagonist duly played by none other than James Franco. The film revolves around a story where Franco & talk show producer get involved in the plan to assassinate North Korean leader. The scriptwriters have been smart to cash on in North Korea as a vital aspect of the film as the oriental land is one of the best mines for amazing comedy. The film will hit the screens on 10th October.



3. Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses Funny Movies 2014
Sick & tired of continuous exploitation by higher authorities, Nick, Kurt & Dale team up to start off their very own business. The twist comes when a menacing investor lands them up in bad legal trouble which is followed by a hilarious attempt by the trio to kidnap that investor’s son. The film will release on 28th November.



2. Dumb & Dumber To

Harry & Lloyd embark on their road tour to find out one among their long-lost offspring’s to gain a kidney. The sequel to the original 1994 laughathon promises to be as hilarious as ever with the good old dim-witted yet great hearted best buddies and several funny characters such as handyman Travis, Captain Lippencott, The Mist etc. the film would release on 14th November.



1. Night At The Museum 3

There cannot be a better way to celebrate Christmas this year than with the first-day show of the Night of the Museum 3- which promises to be the equally hilarious sequel of the earlier 2 laughathon prequels.

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