Top 10 Flop Bollywood Movies 2013 – 2014

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Below is the list of top 10 Flop movies of Bollywood film industry in 2013 -2014


10. I, Me Aur Main

March 1st, 2013 saw this movie of John Abraham, Chitrangada Singh, and Prachi Desai. Kapil Sharma (the director) was not able to pull this movie off as a hit. Ishaan (John) has commitment problems with women and takes relationships for granted until he meets his new neighbor and realizes all the mistakes he had done. Though the songs were catchy the story was hackneyed.

9. Himmatwala

29th March 2013 saw another major flop. With a 2.2 on IMDB, don’t expect much from this movie. Though it was a remake, Sajid Khan disappointed the masses with this film. There is a temple priest who takes up much more then he can handle and ends up in a twisted situation where he has to present himself as a witness to a murder case.

8. Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara

August 15th 2013, a flop movie of Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi and Imran Khan was released. An underworld don (Akshay) comes into power after killing his own mentor and manages to extend the kingdom with his best buddy and love. The songs are appraised by the critics but overall it received pretty bad remarks when it comes to the story and acting, If the shooting and bangs are kept out there is nothing left in the film.

7. Bullet Raja

Saif Ali’s Bullet Raja released on 29th November of this year is declared as a flop by Box office. But looking at the critics reviews you’ll get to know that the film delivers what it promises. The dialogues are edgy and the characters are built strongly and story is woven nicely amongst them. A young man becomes a gangster and stands up against the system which he had been following for quite a time.

6. Zila Ghazia Baad

This movie also made quite a position when we talk about flop movies. The story couldn’t get any typical then two gangs start up a fight when an extremely corrupt officer is send to take care of the whole situation. There was nothing special in the acting and critics have marked it as a disaster in which 360 million were invested. It is at number six in the list of top 10 flop Bollywood movies of 2013-2014

5. Besharam

Ranbir Kapoor disappointed a lot of people with this movie. He plays the role of a car thief in which he falls in love with a girl whose car he happens to steal. There is also a police officer after him and the whole plot is twisted to make it enjoyable but alas! The story develops in a clueless fashion and overall acting is also very weak.

4. Ishq in Paris

Two strangers met on a train from Rome to Paris and they end up spending an evening in the city together. Nothing is new in the plot. Released in May 2013, box office marked it as a disaster. Some positive reviews were given to Preity Zinta and some critics have said it’s a good light romantic movie while others claim it to be flaky.

3. Gori Tere Pyaar Main

Kareena and Imran were not able to make quite the mark with this movie, a very typical plot; in which a care-free and shallow guy from the city comes to live in a village to win her love. Most of the first half is in flashback where Imran is telling his breakup story. The songs are good and Kareena is looking beautiful like always, Imran’s acting is also liked by some critics but if combines as a whole, the movie couldn’t make the bang and thus is on number 3 in the list of top 10 flop Bollywood movies of 2013 – 2014.

2. Boss

Akshay, the “boss” in the movie, serves his life for the rights of people and now in Delhi he is in face to face with a police officer who is corrupt. The soundtracks of this movie have gained critical appreciation and Akshay’s acting is regarded as the savior of the movie. This movie is for those who like Desi type of entertainment.

1. Zanjeer

A remake of the version of 1973 movie Zanjeer, this version is marked as the biggest flop of the year in box office. An honest officer is transferred to Mumbai to deal with the Mafia. Critics have regarded this remake as a shame to the original. Purposeless dialogues, lazy screen-play, and insensitive acting; this movie has got everything to make the top flop movie of 2013 – 2014.

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