Top 10 Facts about Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth, as most of you might now, is still considered to be the greatest and most competent baseball player in the history of the world.

Whenever the baseball league officials face the task of ranking the greatest player in baseball, they always end up comparing him to Babe Ruth.
The number of home runs he was able to hit, during the span of his professional career, remained a record for a long time. Moreover, most of his other records had remained unbeaten for a long time. Some analysts and experts are of the view that comparing Ruth’s performance with the modern day baseball players is a disrespect due to the time difference. The use of performance enhancers and exercising equipment is a major factor that can never be denied.

This post is dedicated to this great player. Some of you might be aware about the most discussed facts about Babe Ruth. However, in this post I will be discussing both known and unknown facts about this great sportsman.

Here are the 10 most interesting and unknown facts about Babe Ruth.

10. Rise to Fame
Most of the people aren’t aware of the fact that Babe Ruth had first risen to fame as a pitcher. Although he is known for hitting 714 home runs in the span of 22 seasons, still the inception of his career should not be undermined. He was also one of the most powerful and dominant pitchers during the 1910s. That’s not all, as he was also a major contributor for the 3 world titles that Boston red Sox was able to bag.

9. A Yankee
It is often said that he was a Yankee, but the fact is that he did not retire as one. It has been reported that his career’s inception, and end, had been in Boston. In fact, he was dropped by the Yankees due to the decline of his performance.
He retired while being a part of the Braves, and he was expecting that he would be given a chance to be the team manager, but his expectations always remained far from being fulfilled. It is quite unfortunate to note that the best player in the history of the sport was not given a chance to be the manager of a team.

8. Orphan
It is a lie that Babe Ruth was an orphan. Yes, he did attend a school for the orphans but it was only due to some financial reasons and nothing more. Another main reason for which he was admitted to the school was due to his delinquent and wayward behaviour. It was during his time at this school that he had developed a deep love for Baseball. The school had always claimed a complete guardianship of the boy who was not at all an orphan.

7. Birthday
For his entire life, he lived under the belief that he was actually born in 1894. In other words, he always considered himself a year older than he actually happened to be. It was during the 1934 season that he opened up his birth certificate and, much to his surprise, he found out he was born in 1895. He also believe that he was born on the 7th of February, but it turned out that he was actually born on the 6th.

6. Jail Time
Ruth was forced to serve some jail time for being a reckless driver. As the law of the United States had been strict in those times, he was given no exception. He was known for his speed not only in baseball, but also in driving, and there was no end to the speeding tickets he was able to earn.
Once, he was arrested just before the day of a game, however, he was released 45 minutes before the game had started. Then again, he sped off on a motorcycle just to be on time.

5. Dodgers Uniform
Even after his retirement as a player, he always dreamt of being a manager. In 1938, Ruth was given a chance to serve as a coach for the 1st base. The crowd was really entertained and excited to see Babe Ruth show some of his shots during the practice. Not to forget that the Brooklyn Dodgers was the team who had hired him. However, he was not given the manager’s job when an opening did come.

4. Helen Kindler
It is said that most people never knew about Babe Ruth’s first wife. Her name was Helen Kindler.
Although most of the time they preferred to stay away from being in the spotlight, some people still knew about them.
It is believed that she had died in mysterious circumstances due to an unlikely fire, and that the incident was not investigated thoroughly.

3. Cabbage
It is said that he often used to keep cabbage underneath his cap in order to stay cool. There were some fans who used to do the same. It had been a great legacy if most of the players had done the same in order to honour the Great Babe Ruth.

2. 136 Triples
Babe Ruth used to resemble a penguin waddling across the ground whenever he ran after a hit. Most of you will never believe the fact that he was able to hit 136 triples during the span of his professional career. It is all because the baseball used to be quite different in those times. Even when he was not able to hit a home run, he always managed to hit the ball on the farthest corner of the ballpark to ensure a triple.

1. Possible Memory Loss
It has been reported that this great player was not able to remember the name of any of his teammates. For this reason, he used to refer to his teammates as kids. In other words, he used to call every other team mate of his as kid.

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