Top 10 Countries with most Facebook users 2014

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We live in times where, if somebody doesn’t have a Facebook account, we think he has been living under a rock.
With 1.19 billion active users, you have to be one of them!

Facebook is not only a social networking website, but businesses have taken great advantage of this strong platform with such a large number of users. Any brand, institution, or business of any kind has a Facebook page upon which they follow the trends of their fans and come up with future business strategies.

Don’t be surprised to know that your single like can mean a lot to any business!

So let’s see which top countries have the most Facebook users around the world.

Facebook-Statistics-Stats-Facts-2014 10. Germany – Our countdown begins with Germany at number ten in the list of countries with most Facebook users. Around 22 Million of the total users present on Facebook are from Germany and 65%-70% users are in the age range of 18-44.

9. France – After Germany, we have France with 25 million users dedicated to Facebook. The top brands liked here are Coca-Cola, Nutella, M&M’s and Ferrero Rocher. It seems like the french people have a bit of a sweet tooth, but they do have good taste. Bravo!

8. Philippines – Just like people around the world cannot resist the breath-taking islands of Philippines, the natives cannot resist Facebook. With 29 million users, this country is at number 8. The Filipino ladies take the lead when it comes to Facebook usage.

7. Turkey – At number 7 in the list of top 10 countries with most Facebook users in 2014, we have Turkey with 32 million users sharing their lives with each other on Facebook. The ratio of gender based usage in this country is almost equal for both male and female. Young adults form the most of the users (18-35 years old).

6. United Kingdom -In the UK about 53% of the internet users are on the Facebook social platform! Wow! People here do know how to socialize well. When looking at the top liked brands in the country, we find out that, like their neighbours, the british also have a bit of a sweet tooth. From approximately 33 million users here, around 51% are the ladies.

5. Mexico – Mexico is found in the middle spot, with 38 million total users. Here, both genders are also balanced. Corona beer and Coca-Cola top at the brand pages here; which shows that the Mexicans are pretty serious about drinks, and in the following spots we find PlayStation and Doritos. So… extreme gaming with coke and Doritos? Perfect Combo!

4. Indonesia – The population of the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia seems to be a bit addicted to Facebook. Coming in at number for in our list, 20% of the 22% of people who use the internet here are on Facebook, which means that almost everyone that can access Facebook, does. The inclination of males is a little bit higher than the opposite gender. In this lovely country we find that Blackberry, Samsung and Yamaha Motors take the highest positions in the category of liked brands.

3. Brazil – It seems that the beautiful people of Brazil are also spell-bounded by Facebook, making them the 3rd in the “Top 10 countries with most Facebook users in 2014”. Here the ladies and the gentlemen both take an equal participation in the social networking website, and the total number of users comes up to 68 million.

2. India – At number 2 we have a country from South Asia. India takes up the position with a total Facebook user of approximately 62 million. Male users are more dominant at this side, and if we were judging by what pages they follow most, they are very into technology and geeky things. The bigger chunk of the users is above 18, so mostly young adults, and this is a pattern common to all countries so far.

1. United States of America – So who is at number one? Yes, I guess we did not leave much to the imagination here; it’s the United States of America. 67% of the total 78% users on internet are on Facebook too. The total end users of Facebook from the States are around 160 million, and the age ranges from 18-34 are the highest! One more interesting thing is Wal-Mart it at the top of the brands followed by Target and Amazon! American’s do shop a lot, right?

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