Top 10 Countries with most cell phone users in 2014

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What is so amazing about technology? Well not the fact that it makes you appear smarter than your grandparents or your friends, but the way it allows you to control the world around you. In the 20th century, when wireless telephones first came out, their uses were strictly confined to military purposes and were only accessible to the elite. Today, smart phones conquer the world market like mighty warriors, from world class shopping malls to street markets near your house, and they are not only for high tech military operations, but also for the ladies talk which goes around your house all the time or the teen texting which just seems unstoppable! Not to forget its importance in business. Let’s get to the countdown of the top 10 countries with most cell phone users in 2014.

cell phone users 2014

10. Bangladesh

Even though last in the count down, it has a greater percentage of mobile phone users compared to other countries. Out of its 152 million people 110 million are mobile phones users. “The mobile phone has brought economic activities to the urban and the rural areas alike,” said the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies Senior Research.

9. Nigeria

One of the poorest countries and 9th in the countdown in the list of the top 10 countries with most cell phone users in 2014, is Nigeria. They distributed 10 million mobile phones amongst its farmers to modernize its agriculture, back in January 2013. Currently it has 114 million cell phone users.

8. Japan

Japan (with 121 million users presently) laid the foundation of smart phones. The first camera phone J-Phone started being marketed during November 2000 not only includes a camera, but also includes the function to send photo via messaging or E-mail, which made the phone extremely popular at the time. Technologies like 3G Mobile Broadband are also marketed in Japan before any other country.

7. Pakistan

Although the 4G services are not launched yet, it has a cheap market for traditional and smart cell phones supplied mainly by the Chinese companies. The familiarity of cell phones amongst all the age groups and cheap calling and texting rates provided by telecommunication companies gives rise to 129 million cell phone users.

6. Indonesia

With the worlds’ second largest Facebook community and the third largest number of Twitter users, 50 percent of Indonesian Internet users use a mobile phones to access the Internet. It has a total number of 236 million cell phone users and stands at number 6 among the top 10 countries with most cell phone users in 2014.

5. Russia

Having a 256 million population with cell phones, well aware of the 4G services available and the uses of smartphones, Russia still lags behind the U.S. A. One third of smartphone owners still use only a fraction of the functionality of their “intelligent” devices and old people still prefer to use the traditional cell phones.

4. Brazil

The growth of m-commerce and mobile browsing increased in Brazil last year, taking the number of cell phone users to 268 million and standing 4th in the list of top 10 countries with most cell phone users in 2014.

3. USA

Being one of the super powers of the world, USA has 327 million cell phone users. The country has 78% of teens using cell phones. From socializing with friends to completing their assignments, cell phones play a major role. Also, with the availability of Wi-Fi and the 3G network it is easier for them to access the internet in their schools and campuses and use it to complete their research projects. Cell phones, apart from their professional uses, provide a general source of entertainment for all age groups, 69% of adults aging 65 and above in the USA use cell phones.

2. India

India has approximately 867 million cell phone users. With the decreasing prices of smart phones and a growing economy and population, the demand for cell phones in India has increased.

1. China  

China being on the top of the countdown has 1.2 billion of cell phone users. Smartphones are being used widely for business purposes. Different apps available on the android and apple app stores allows one to evaluate their business strategies, find solution to their problems, and enable them to plan for the future. The rent for local calls is also just 10 cents per minute; this enables the poor to use cell phones as well.

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