Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Geeks

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You have stumbled to the right page if you are confused on what to buy for geeky boyfriend or girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner becomes even more challenging if you happen to date a geek. In recent times, geeky gifts have been the talk of the town by providing a touch of romance to the traditional geeky icons and devices to make them highly charming. This list of top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for geeks will ensure that you select from one of the geekiest yet extremely adorable gifts for your other half and fill this special day with geeky romance.

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  • A Digital Camera (go the extra mile by selecting one in pink colour)

01 A Digital Camera

Many women have admitted to wishing for geeky gadgets as gifts over other traditional items like chocolate or flowers! Isn’t this a reason enough to buy a cute little digital camera for your special girl this year? A romantic pink coloured digital camera with complementing accessories like a digital printer for instant prints of her snaps would definitely be a plus. Capture your time together with this Valentine’s gift to make the moments memorable forever!

  •  A T-Shirt with a special iPod Pocket

02 A T-Shirt with a special iPod Pocket

Watching your other half struggle to keep his/her iPod in place can be funny and cute. But why not make life easier for your love by presenting a T-Shirt which has a special pocket just to keep an iPod? Make your spouse’s heart melt by showing that you really care for even the minutest things in their life.

  • A heart shaped USB

03 A heart shaped USB

As cute as it may sound, the lovely heart shaped USB would be the cherry on the cake as the best Valentine’s Day gift for your geeky other half this year. When it comes to computer freaks,gamers or even a normal computer user, a cute little USB is definitely something he/she cannot resist to have.

4. A creatively designed computer mouse

04 A creatively designed computer mouse

Do you wish your love thinks about you every time he/she uses the computer? Think of his/her favourite geeky character and buy a lovely computer mouse to reflect it. For girls, a safe choice can be a pink heart shaped mouse or those with themes of lovely characters like a teddy bear. If you happen to date a geeky boyfriend, get him a mouse with the star wars theme and he will definitely love it.

  • A lovely digital photo frame with preloaded pictures

05 A lovely digital photo frame

Capture and display your special moments together for eternity by gifting a digital photo frame for your love on this Valentine’s Day. Digital photo frames come in various sizes and brands allowing you to select the best one to fit your taste. Go the extra mile by adding a few of your most memorable moments together before presenting it to your Valentine.

  • Jewelry with LED

06 Jewelry with LED

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, the same can be said for LEDs in case of a geeky partner. Surprise your Valentine this year by choosing from among the various types of LED enabled jewellery which comes in shapes of earrings and necklaces to be among the best geeky Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend.

  • An iPhone

07 An iPhone

Any geeky list is incomplete without the mention of geeky mobile phones. Present the latest iPhone to your geeky Valentine and show him/her that you truly care. You can also think of an alternate gift by presenting an android themed toy to your love.

  • LEGO set with a Star Wars theme

08 LEGO set with a Star Wars theme

Star Wars happens to be the ultimate benchmark for geeks. Surprising your geeky boyfriend by a Star Wars themed LEGO set will go a long way in pleasantly surprising him and will stay on top of his dressing table for a long time to come.

  • An 8-bit Flower Bouquet

09 An 8-bit Flower Bouquet

An 8-bit flower bouquet is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your geeky other half. It brings about memories of old computer visuals and is based on the most fundamental, and geeky, computer essentials. And the best part is that the flowers in this bouquet will never die and keep your geeky romance fresh for eternity.

  • Geeky yet sexy clothing

10 Geeky yet sexy clothing

You can select Star Wars themed T-Shirts for him or Bat Woman hot shirts for her to the pleasant surprise of your geeky valentine. If you want to spice up your romance on this Valentine’s Day, there is a wide variety of hot pants or lingerie with geeky inspirations available out there just for you!

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