Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

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The Valentine’s Day is all about love and affection. Buying the right gift for the day is not an easy task as a lot of commitment and passion goes into selecting the right Valentine gift. With the Valentine’s Day approaching fast, it usually is a time of worry for men as they get confused over what to buy for that special woman in their life. Here are the top 10 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girls to make your life easier and help you choose the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift for her.

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1. Godiva Chocolates Box – A delicately packed box of delicious chocolates

01 Godiva Chocolates Box

Giving a beautifully packed gift box of delicious chocolates from Godiva will never go wrong as a gift for your special lady on this Valentine’s Day. The heart shaped gift boxes with artistic designs and exquisite colours will make her feel loved like never before.

2. Jewellery

02 Jewelry

Show her you care with a glittering symbol of your love and devotion on this Valentine’s Day. A gift of exquisite jewellery as a gift for your special lady will definitely do the trick and is among the top 10 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girls. You can choose from different brands depending on your budget to take her breath away on this Valentine’s Day.

3. Paintings and Sculptures

03 Paintings and Sculptures
Among the most memorable ways of expressing yourself is through art. It can convey a wide range of emotions involving love and romance. The painting or sculpture could be a personal interpretation of your feelings or an art work procured from some other source. Take your creativity to task and create an art piece which depicts your true feelings for her and take her heart away!

4. Very Sexy Perfume for Women by Victoria’s Secret

04 Very Sexy Perfume for Women by Victoria’s Secret

Valentine is all about love and making the deepest desires of romance come out to make this day special for your partner. The name of this elegantly developed fragrance speaks for itself and tells the story of this sensuous fragrance contained in Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy perfume. The fragrance notes of juicy fruits and vanilla blend together as a flirty combination for this special occasion. The Very Sexy Perfume for Women by Victoria’s Secret is at number 9 of this list of best Valentine’s Day perfume gifts in 2014 for women.

5. Beauty products from Bath and Body Works

05 Beauty products from Bath and Body Works


Visit the nearest Bath and Body Works outlet and choose from the wide variety of body care products for women ranging from bubble baths, bath gels, shower gels, crèmes, lotions, scrubs and powders to show that you really care for her. Select from a collection of different flavours like Tuscan Orange, Lemon Meringue and Cherry Blossom for your Valentine’s Day gift to make her ever fresh and beautiful.

6. Intimate Wear

06 Intimate Wear

The Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and a gift of sexy intimate wear for your partner goes a long expressing the deep desires of passion and love you have for her. With a wide variety of brands available to choose from, just make sure you select the right sizes and have it delivered to her in advance with a request that she wears it on your Valentine’s Day dinner date.

7. A bouquet of carefully selected flowers

07 A bouquet of carefully selected flowers

Flowers are the most widely used gifts for Valentine’s Day due to their popularity among lovers and association with romance. You can either visit your local flower shop for ideas or browse through the various options available online to select a perfect gift bouquet on this Valentine’s Day to depict the colours and fragrance of your love for her.

8. Custom printed mug set

08 Custom printed mug set

Make the upcoming Valentine’s Day memorable by using your creativity to custom print a mug set as a gift to show that you really care for her. Ideas to print can range from a printing a collage of your pictures together or some beautifully selected words to depict your admiration for her presence in your life.

9. Scented Candles

09 Scented Candles

Women usually love fragrance in all types from a delicate perfume to aromatic body care items and home fragrance products. By selecting just the right scented candles as one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts, you will ensure a pleasant and inviting aroma for your bedroom to add romance to this special occasion.

10. A lovely outdoor experience

10 A lovely outdoor experience

Break the conventions by doing something different on this Valentine’s Day as a gift for the love of your life. Give her an experience she would remember and enjoy like time at a lovely spa, a night at the theatre or tickets to the movie she would like.

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