Top 10 Best PS4 Video Games in 2014

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Since its inception last year, PS4 has been a huge hit among the video gaming buffs. Are you too an ardent PS4 fan and looking for the best of 2014 releases? Well, here is a list on top 10 best PS4 video games in 2014.

Best PS4 games 2014


10. MLB 14: The Show

Unlike the other leading console manufacturers, PS4 has startled everybody by releasing an exclusive game on sports, precisely baseball games. So, if you are a fan of baseball and an ardent follower o PS4, MLB 14 : The Show would ensure a great time for you

9. Basement Crawl

Basement Crawl by Bloober Team was supposed to be launched with the usher of Playstation 4 last November. However, the game release somehow got postponed and Basement Crawl was finally scheduled to be released this year only. You might find the game little bizarre in terms of appearance but that constitutes the exclusive” appeal of the game- it’s quite a radically different, exciting, competitive & co-op game which one can play both online and locally. There are 4 playable characters in the game & a wide array of exciting special power-ups.

8. Destiny

Destiny, interestingly is the 1st game from the famous Bungie studio for PlayStation since the release of Oni in 2011. The avid gamers have got high expectations from the game given the previous fantastic renditions from the famous maker studio. In fact, the 2014 release is supposed to be way superior than the accidental 2012 release of Destiny. You can play the game alone or you can also enjoy it with others online.

7. Dragon Age : Inquisition

Dragon Age : Inquisition is one of the most potential PS4 games this year. The game runs on DICE’s powerful and gorgeous Frostbite II engine which ensures quite a thrilling gaming ambience. Inquisition takes the players to Thedas’ world where they get a lush rich world laid out for exploration and there are locations to be discovered as well as side-quests to be completed. It’s funny that when the first Dragon Age: Origins released in 2009 it was tagged as a mere B-grade game- however today, the franchise of Dragon Age is one of the most esteemed across the gaming industry.

6. Driveclub

Akin to Basement Crawl, Driveclub too was supposed to be launched with PS4 last year in November. However, some unavoidable reasons postponed its release to 2014. The game is developed by Evolution, one among the best Sony studios. The gamers are expecting the same Evolution prowess in Driveclub which is seen in each of its earlier releases. The game would release in September.

5. Dying light

If you are waiting or some horror action through PS4, Dying Light can be the answer for you. In fact, it is the sole horror game on PS4 for this year. The game revolves around zombie attacks and the player here would have to fight for his life to win the game from zombies. For your arsenal, you would be getting a wide array of great hand-crafted weapons. The game is developed by Polish Studio Techland.

4. Helldivers

Helldivers will be your top choice if you are looking forward for a hardcore challenging play. The game would be played among 4 players where all of them would have to deal with randomly-generated missions posed at varied levels, starting from the desert till the tundra. You will surely enjoy fighting aliens here.

3. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Hotline Miami 2 is meant to continue the thrilling game line of Hotline Miami that was launched a couple of years back. You will get the same challenging fast-moving abstract plot and twitch gameline with purposely dated visuals.

2. Infamous- second Son

It was one among the most speculated PS4 releases for 2014, till its launch this March. Crafted by the Sony-owned famous Sucker Punch studio, the “Infamous: Second Son” has been able to amaze everybody with its exciting open-world superhero gameplay.

1. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation has got its roots in the famous science fiction film “Alien” and seems quite promising for the players. The new game shows Ripley’s daughter Amanda out on investigating mystery that could shed a ray of light on her famous mom’s demise. The 2014 Alien: Isolation is expected to be a better play than the 2013 disaster “Aliens: Colonial Marines” by Gearbox.



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