Top 10 Best PS4 Video Games – 2014

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The recent release of Play Station 4 proved to be a big hit among all the gamers out there. Many have already bought it and others are saving a good amount to buy it as soon as they can. The game makers have also launched some awesome PS4 video games. Their trailers are just so tempting that even those who do not have much interest in gaming would want to play them.
A number of video games have been launched and obviously all of them cannot be bought. So which video games have made their way up to the list of Top 10 best PS4 video games of 2014? Here I have compiled the list of the very best PS4 video games 2014 which every gamer would want to play. They are simply irresistible and once you start playing them, there is no way you could stop.


10. DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online PS4
DC Universe has been there on the online PS3 servers previously but now on PS4, it is available as a free downloadable game. You could create your very own villain and hero as per your creativity and interest. It’s a good MMO which makes you feel more of a brawler. The new version has added few new effects for the environment and things are less jaggy but overall it is more like continuing your current experiences on a new console.

9. Fifa14

Fifa14 - PS4 2014
Now here is something pretty cool for all the football fans. The next generation does not only introduce better graphics, but also puts a lot of decision making power in your hands. It gives you the feel of playing in the field where you can fully follow your instincts of planting, pivoting, and cutting as it has biomechanics and dynamic movements of best footballers. They offer many more teaming options etc too. So yeah, if you are into football, this PS4 video game is a must have in 2014.

8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2014 ps4
The game is pretty much similar to the one released for PS3 but anyways, it is quite a lot of fun. Original stories are featured where you could take up control of Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Flaming Torch, Wolverine, Thor and many other characters to prevent Loki and other villains from collecting dangerous weapons that can destroy the world. This is a good family video game and is suitable for kids as well.

7. NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 - Play Station 4 2014 games
NBA 2K14 is a wonderful video game for the ones who enjoy basketball. The player models are extremely realistic and the cloth physics is simply outstanding. Even small details, like perspiration and sweat on the players, are taken care of. The new version looks much better and also has real time interviews with the players. It has set a quite a high bar for other sport games.

6. Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals PS4
The game is all about speed and the crucial rivalry on street. You either choose to be a racer or a cop and face the challenges that are brought about by these careers. The fun is enhanced because of AllDrive through which you and your friends can be a part of a single racing world in which your chases and races could smash at any moment!

5. Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts PS4 - best games 2014
COD has never failed to make place in the best video games list. It’s a fight to set your nation free. It’s a fight for survival. “Ghosts” is a secret group that would fight with a new technologically advanced global power. With over twenty new exciting kill streaks that includes Helo-Scout, Juggernaut Maniac, ODIN Strike, and Vulture, this video game takes you into a whole new world shooting. Play it alone or with friends, this game is addictive for sure!

4. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - PS4
The game takes you back into the past in the year 1715. You drown in the world of Pirates who, at that time, ruled the Caribbean. Among these law-breakers there is one young captain, Edward Kenway. His practices earn him the respect of Blackbeard etc but on the other hand he is also going deeper into an ancient war which might wipe out all the work built by the pirates. It is probably the best AC released up till now.

3. Resogun

Resogun 2014 ps4
Resogun has been developed exclusively of PS4 as is available for free for the PS4 plus members. With weapons that include missiles, lasers, nova-bombs, and overdrive that could be used to save the remaining survivors from huge colonies that are under the attack of evil aliens, this is an amazing shooter game. Its particle effects are worth mentioning as well; the way they move around your screen is incredible and the small fragments in which the cityscape explodes when you complete a level is simply beautiful.

2. Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall ps4 2014
Killzone: Shadow Fall is an incredible first person shooter PS4 video game which can be played as a single player or as a multi player game as per your comfort. It is about a fictional battle between Helghast and ISA during the planetary colonization time. For about thirty years both the groups have lived together, separated by a big security wall. But now the cold war might turn into a hot one and protecting the little bit peace that is left depends on Lucas Kellan, a military intelligence member. One wrong step and can bring about great destruction.

1. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 ps4 2014 best games
And finally we reach the best PS4 video game: Battlefield 4. It offers unmatchable destruction. It starts with evacuating US VIPs from Shanghai and then your squad continues with the similar struggle. The visuals are exceptionally marvelous on PS4 which makes it much more enjoyable. You are surely going to get drowned into the tensed battles, unimaginably awesome environmental destruction, and all the other amazing features that this video game brings with it
These 10 PS4 video games of 2014 are simply amazing. They take you of a world of their own from where you would never want to come back to your real life.

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