Top 10 Best Performers Of FIFA World Cup 2014

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The World Cup 2014 has been quite an eventful journey so far with many stellar performances & tragic knock-outs. Here is a list on top 10 best footballers of 2014 World Cup.


FIFA World Cup 2014 Best Performers


10. Dries Mertens (Belgium)
FIFA World Cup 2014 Best Players
Mertens certainly deserves a place in this top 10 list of best performing players of World Cup 2014 even when he has scored a single goal in this World Cup till now. It’s not just the goals that determine a player’s significance in the team but also his score-timing especially when the team is under pressure. It was Dries’ goal by end of the nail-biting Belgium V Algeria match that enabled the Belgians to rejoice in victory.

9. Thomas Muller (Germany)
Best Performers FIFA 2014
No matter whichever defines the significance of a footballer in his team- whether it’s the goals or courage or intelligence on-field –Thomas Muller has been a top name for all the mentioned parameters. Muller has earned much accolades especially for his hat-trick goal in the Germany-Portugal match & was also a lone winner I the USA match that steered Germany smoothly to the Group of 16.

8. James Rodriguez (Colombia)
Best Football players FIFA World Cup 2014
Rodriguez has been quite a consistent goal scorer for Colombia in this World Cup as he was able to score in each of matches participated. A great lot of British clubs were hesitant over this Colombian mid-fielder that even forced him to head for Monaco leaving Porto behind but his exceptional 2014 World Cup stints have most possibly troubled the English clubs over their judgments about James. His great assistance in the Japan match helped his team with an easy rise to next round.

7. Karim Benzema (France)
Karim Benzema (France)
The Frenchman is another top performer in the ongoing 2014 World Cup. Karim came up with 3 goals in 3 matches which catapulted France to the 1st status in E group. Yes, he missed out a penalty in the Switzerland match but his clinical finishing has been truly impressive.

6. Joel Campbell (Costa Rica)
Joel Campbell (Costa Rica)
Joel was the great match winner for Costa Rica against its Uruguay match by his much needed goal & strong performance as an assist. Campbell is surely one of the treasured assets for his national football team at this World Cup and is the most instrumental figure in elevating Costa Rica to the Group of 16.

5. Alexis Sanchez (Chile)
Alexis Sanchez (Chile)
The Chile player is surely one of the most trusted performers for his national team this World Cup. His great goal in the Australia match was quite a big thing for Chile. Moreover, he has been the consistent threat to the Spanish armada this time and was a crucial figure in assuring adieu for the defending champs in 2014 FIFA World edition.

4. Guillermo Ochoa (Mexico)
Best Players of FIFA Word Cup 2014
Ochoa is undoubtedly one among the best of goalkeepers in the 2014 World Cup so far. His one after another savings from star goal scorers like Thiago & Neymar in the Brazil match was really significant for his team’s rising point chart in the competition.

3. Arjen Robben (Netherlands)
FIFA World Cup 2014 Best Footballers
It’s not for anything that Arjen Robben is fondly nicknamed as “Flying Dutchman”- he has actually shone legendary skills in effortlessly sprinting down wing past the defenders. The thirty year old Dutch winger is currently the best man-in-form for the Dutch squad. Robben was a grand influence for his national team in all the 2014 World Cup matches played by Netherlands so far, especially in the matches against Chile, Spain & Australia.

2. Neymar (Brazil)
Neymar (Brazil)
Neymar has been a great performer for Brazil consistently in all the World Cup 2014 matches and is one of those rare footballers in this World Cup who has scored doubles in 2 matches- one on the inaugural game against Croatia & another against Cameroon. At just 22, Neymar is no doubt one among the most valiant performers as he has shown tremendous courage in carrying on his stellar play even after being badly beaten up in almost every match. His wining penalty shoot-out against Chile match even after being badly battered by the opponents was quite a moment in this championship.

Messi (Argentina)
Messi (Argentina) - Best Players 2014
Messi is surely the unrivalled choice for the numero uno position in the list. He has been the consistent goal scorer for Argentina in all the 2014 World Cup matches – and maybe Leo is the only player who can make other players trip without even touching them. The most priceless gem for the Argentine team Messi is also the consistent “Man of the Match” winner in every World match participated by Argentina this year. Leo’s free-kick goal in the Nigeria match was one of the best moments for his team.


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