Top 10 Best Dressed Actors at Emmys 2014

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Everyone knows Emmys are never just about awards- it is glamour, lights, performances, and most of all, fashion. Clothes, shoes, hair, even nails are done exquisitely to the point of perfection. While every celebrity’s fashion sense is taken into notice, some always stand out better than the others do. Men’s fashion comes under criticism and appreciation just as much as the women’s does so here is our list of the top 10 best dressed actors at Emmys 2014.

  1. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Emmy 2014


Game of Thrones somehow always manages to steal the show, be it on TV or at an award show. Just like Game of Thrones actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, managed to do so at Emmys 2014. Wearing an elegant yet classy black two-piece suit, Mr. Nikolaj gave in to the bow tie trend and rocked it.

  1. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Emmy 2014

Three words:  Aaron. Paul. Prada. *audience swoons* Aaron Paul, hot Breaking Bad actor, looked hotter than ever on the red carpet at Emmys. Suited up in a black Prada suit with sleek velvet details, Aaron looked as sharp as a knife. Doing justice to the bow tie trend, Aaron Paul looked – for lack of a worthier word – beautiful.

  1. Ty Burrell

Ty Burell Emmy 2014

Modern Family star, Ty Burrell, decided to go modern and chic, wearing a dark blue-black Todd Snyder tuxedo paired with a bow tie and Johnston and Murphy shoes. Ty’s tux not only varied but also stood out on the red carpet. Not to mention the sleek pair of glasses to match his unique look, Burrell makes it to number three on our list of best dressed actors.

  1. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Emmy 2014

Matt Bomer’s style never gets old, and we love how he does not give in to the fashion trends and remains true to his own fashion sense. Dressed in a simple Tom Ford tuxedo, the famous White Collar actor pulled his own style off once again, and manages to get to this list of best dressed actors in Emmys 2014.

  1. Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould Emmy 2014

Nolan Gould, from the Modern Family show, looked nothing short of adorable. Yeah, we said it. Wearing a checkered black and white tuxedo jacket along with black pants, and a bowtie, Gould looked best-dressed worthy. For us, however, his best accessory was his curly hair, giving his entire look a cuteness overload stamp.

  1. Kit Harington

Kit Harrington Emmy 2014

“You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

“At least about fashion, I do.”

Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harington, pulled off a nice look at the red carpet, wearing an Armani tuxedo that complemented his physique off nicely. Coming off a pleasant surprise from what we are used to seeing in his Jon Snow role, Harington cleaned up great.

  1. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Emmy 2014


Kevin Spacey defines class. Showing up with a walking stick that looked way too good than canes are supposed to look, House of Card’s actor showed up in a long tailed tuxedo over a white shirt and a white silk bow-tie.

  1. Matthew McConaughey

Matthey McCounaghey Emmy 2014

Wearing a stylish blue Dolce & Gabbana suit, with equally stylish slightly mussed up hair, actor Matthew McConaughey looked swoon-worthy. A black bow tie, gold accentuated top buttons, and a black stripe down the sides of the blue slacks complemented his blue attire.

  1. John Mark “Johnny” Galecki

Johnny Galecki Emmy 2014

Hit show, Big Bang Theory’s actor seems to be one of those people who look good without even trying. Hair done in a way that looked messy and a casual black tuxedo with no tie or bowtie, Johnny looked better than one would predict in such a look.

  1. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family star looked every bit as amazing as expected. With the cheerful smile that we all adore and a widely checkered black suit, Jesse looked incredible.

Source for all photos: Zimbio. Thank you very much.

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