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The Keto Diet: Everything You need to Know

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Keto Diet

You might have heard of Keto or Ketogenic diet, it is a high-fat, enough-protein, low carbohydrate diet. It is the best weight-loss diet for health-conscious people who want safe and successful weight loss diet to adopt a healthy-lifestyle and shape up quickly (if done right). In this article we will explain the clean and healthy Keto diet and the dirty Keto diet and its side effects.

The people who tried it believe it is best thing that has ever happened to them and others can’t wait to start but have you ever wondered if you or your friends and family are doing Keto all wrong today we have the answers to questions like, what we’re really doing to ourselves?

Healthy Keto

Get clean sources of your 20% protein from wild-caught fish (Mackeral, Salmon, Sardines, Trout, Walleye and Tuna), legumes and beans, or lamb, mutton or goat meat from grass-fed animals.

The big part of the diet is 75% healthy fat, which come from avocados, coconut, cacao or dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, flax seeds you should be doing loads and loads of healthy fats.

Your 5% carbs that’s part of the key of getting into Keto, as you lower the carbs your body gets in that fat-burning zone but those carbs you want them to come from nutrient-dense vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals.

This is really the key to doing Keto the right way, this is a healthiest way no matter how you mix up the macronutrients.

Dirty Keto

Okay, what is dirty Keto? so now dirty Keto here’s a surprising thing it’s the exact same macros but you’re just getting the completely wrong food in your diet.

For instance, your 20% of your proteins are coming from conventional beef and pork and bacon. You know a lot of your fat is coming from processed dairy and cheese and then your 5% carbs are coming from things like low carb pizza that’s full of preservatives and other chemicals so not good. It’s dirty all right so yeah now we know dirty versus clean.

Side Effects of Dirty Keto

You might think, if you are losing weight, there is no right or wrong. Eating unhealthy food and worrying about the saturated fats that could be concerned. It has always been a concern it could be really an issue for your heart. Inside your heart lining is very thin if it starts to get thickened because you’re building a plaque over time especially a bit inflammation. What happens the flame plaque is prone to a rupture it gets irritated and that little plaque begins to pull off. Formed scab now blocks off the artery completely so no blood can get through and feed the heart. Same thing can happen in the brain it can happen in other organs leading to strokes and heart attacks. But if heart disease feels like something way off in the future Wow don’t worry about that because you’re losing weight you’re feeling good.

With dirty Keto as you continue to lose the weight, you feel more tired and bloated. The symptoms like bloating, lack of energy are symptoms of what we call Keto flu.

Which is common and that can happen even when you’re doing the Keto diet the right way but typically the symptoms are less severe. When you’re doing dirty Keto, the symptoms get exacerbated it can even lead to other health problems like constant dehydration other flu-like symptoms

So, we not only want people to lose weight. We want people to be healthy on the inside getting those vitamins and minerals to help nourish our organs. Inflammation that is the issue at the heart attacks nutrient deficiencies skin disorders. Inflammation is a major cause of arthritis, heart disease, chronic pain. You can be deficient in Vitamin B12, Magnesium and Zinc for which is not good for the immune system. People who follow dirty Keto often gain the weight back.

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