Ten reasons why Twitch is better with Amazon

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Why Twitch is better with Amazon

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding who will acquire Twitch. According to reports, Google has shown real interest in buying Twitch and even offered a generous sum for it. However, there are some things that are not meant to be, and Twitch is meant for Amazon.

Many people wonder why Twitch is better with Amazon than it would be with Google. Here are the top ten reasons you have to note.

  1. The first thing to consider is that Amazon, unlike Google, is actually a site that offers users a wide range of games. In fact, Amazon is one of the leaders when it comes to video games sales. Since Twitch is a game site, then it is justifiable that it would be with Amazon.
  2. Twitch is also a factor for Amazon’s growth. Since it is a streaming platform, Amazon is given the opportunity to expand on live video games such as Twist offers.
  3. Since every company strives to be the number one in the field, Twitch would have more chances of being the best with Amazon. Google has obtained YouTube that has great fans and since YouTube and Twitch have the same streaming features, it is likely that Google may not actually give its full support to Twitch. With Amazon, Twitch will be very much given the support and individuality it needs.
  4. The most conflicting issue between Google and Twitch is the antitrust laws. There would be problems concerning legalities if Google persisted to buy Twitch. Since Google has already acquired YouTube, the regulating bodies might just pose some legal actions over the acquisition of another successful streaming company. Thus, Twitch will have a safe ground with Amazon.
  5. Amazon is also a well-established and big company like Google, so it can help Twitch to expand more and cushion the new developments that Twitch is planning for their future operations.
  6. Twitch can continue its usual operations even when it is already under Amazon. Everything and everyone involved in the running of the company remains as is as before.
  7. There are a lot who also speculated on the result of the acquisition of Twitch. Yet, a lot say that it would be more convenient if Amazon would have Twitch. They say that Google is strict with ‘copyright’ which they experienced in Google. If copyright claims on Twitch would be just the same, some users may just do away with Twitch.
  8. A lot of users found the deal with Amazon good, which means satisfied clients. As such, they still want to engage in the services that Twitch offers.
  9. Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch helps the company to grow more in terms of its current users. Since Amazon has a worldwide connection, online users can have easy access to Twitch with simple clicks. Even until now, many people are still not very familiar with the site. So, being under Amazon, provides it a greater exposure to the online world.
  10. Twitch under the Amazon did not experience any change in its management and operations. In fact, Twitch is just like its old independent self and just having a bigger brother to back up its innovative ideas, which is Amazon.

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