Ten Must Have iPad Air Accessories

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Accessories are always just a step behind the actual technology. Especially now that it has become a trend, people never overlook accessories. The same theory applies to iPad Air accessories. People automatically dig out the best accessories to get for it and go purchase them. Here is our list of the ten must have iPad Air accessories.

1) iPad Air Smart Cover

The first thing people want to get, for their pricey device, is a cover for protection. iPad Smart Covers are widely purchased because of their efficiency and slim design. The Smart Cover can easily hold up the iPad Air, despite its thinness. Thanks to the smart cover, the iPad Air can be positioned at a few different angles.
It’s magnetic so it easily clips on and off.

iPad Air Smart Cover – Black

2) Griffin CinemaSeat

The Griffin CinemaSeat Vehicle Headrest Mount for iPad Air is, well, self-explanatory, really. An accessory that helps you mount your device on the back of headrests to use as a video playback/mini TV of sorts. Great for long trips, we’d say, and definitely great if you have children on the back seat.

CinemaSeat Vehicle Headrest Mount for iPad Air

3) Belkin TrueClear Screen Protector

Screen protectors are necessary! Scratched screens can be heartbreaking. Belkin’s TrueClear screen protector is a tested product and sure to safeguard your iPad’s screen.

Belkin TrueClear Screen Protector for iPad Air


4)      Apple Wireless Keyboard

Typing on the touch screen of the iPad is fine for short emails or Facebook-ing, but when you really make full use of your iPad or do not own a laptop, a keyboard can become essential. No worries, Apple offer a wireless keyboard to save you the hassle of connecting it externally and get your work done efficiently.

Apple Wireless Keyboard (Retail Packaging) MC184LL/A

5)      Camera Connection Kit

So who cares if iPad’s don’t assist a USB slot or card reader slot? Okay, we know a lot of people care but then again, there are solutions to the problem so it is not as bad as it sounds. The Camera Connection Kit (cheap, offered by RaySun Exclusives) features a small wire that lets you change your charger slot into a 3-way slot, so you can connect your USB or SD card and transfer files into your iPad. Problem solved.

NEW Updated Model Eurekka® 3 in 1 Card Reader Adapter Cable Camera Connection Kit

6)      Adonit Jot Pro Fine Stylus

Not your average stylus, the Adonit Jot Pro feels like a pen in your hand and writes as if you’re writing on paper. While other styluses can become too small or uncomfortable to use, this stylus is easy to use. Moreover, it magnetically mounts on the iPad, so it’s unlikely to lose too.

Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, & Kindle Fire – Turquoise

7)       Twelve South Compass 2

Get the best angle for mounting your iPad Air. The Compass 2 is one of the most efficient iPad stands out there, with a lockable back leg for stability and rubber soles on the legs. Also, it is portable so you can take it with you anywhere you please.

Twelve South Compass for iPad V2- Mobile stand for iPad with iPad mini (silver)

8)      iLuv Step Folio

Why carry your iPad Air in your hands all the time when you can sling it on your shoulder. The iLuv Step Folio is a sleep carrier bag for your device and doubles as a case too. Win-win.

iLuv Step Folio Case Strap for iPad Air (AP5STEFBK)

9)      Apple’s Digital AV Adapter

The best alternative to Apple TV. This HDMI connector allows to you connect your iPad Air to a TV to, quite obviously, view your videos or anything else on a full TV screen.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter


10)   LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This will turn your iPad Air into a small home theatre. With high quality sound and stand for iPad feature, this is one of the best wireless speakers of iPad Air available.

LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker, with Stand function Wireless Stereo Speaker Built-in 3.5mm Aux Port (Coffee)


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