Ten facts about Ireland

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Located in the North Atlantic, Ireland is classified as the 21st largest Island in the world. In order to understand Ireland, it is vital to first take an overview of its history.
About 9000 years ago the land was known to be covered in ice, and it was connected to what is now known as Great Britain. However, due to the ice melting, and other natural processes combined, Ireland got separated. Since then, it became an island having a truly independent existence of its own.

It was during the Iron Age that Ireland witnessed the emergence of a new culture, the Celtics. Whether it was the language or way of living, this culture was the first of its kind in the region. However, just like most regions in the world, the culture continued to transform with the inflow of more and more people from different regions of the world. With this said, it is now evident that Ireland is more than just an island. One should never try to undermine the history of this vast country. What follows from here onwards is an overview of the 10 most interesting facts about Ireland.

10. Invasions

Ireland was the victim of many invasions led by England and Norwegian troops. The Kingdom of Norway was the one with the most attempts to take control.
It all started during the 10th century but, with the passage of time, the invaders were able to gain control over vast areas of Ireland. However, there remained many areas where the authority of the Kingdom was never accepted. Later onwards, the British were able to gain control, and The King of England now became the King of Ireland. As such, the entire region was forced to follow the rules and regulations of the British Kingdom.

9. Religion

Christianity is the dominant religion in the country with more than 70% of the people practising it. That’s not all, as in terms of religious practices, Ireland is one of the leading countries in the western civilization. According to one source, more than 45% of the Irish attend church on a regular basis.

8. Alcohol Consumption

Ireland is really famous for the quality of beer it produces. A number of sources have confirmed that the country has one of the highest rates of beer consumption in the world, and it’s ranked 6th in Europe according to Wikipedia. It has also been reported that the sale of beer and other alcoholic drinks is higher than most of the other consumer items. This indeed shows that the Irish people love to remain nominally intoxicated most of the times.

7. Language

The primary language in the region once used to be Gaelic. It was indeed a rich and powerful language and had been practiced for a long time. However, with the inflow of the British into the region, the Irish changed their culture somewhat. Many Irish would say that they still use Gaelic but, in reality, you will have a very hard time finding somebody to speak it.

6. Names

Many Irish names start with O’ or Fitz. This is something that persisted over many generations, and it’s a very clear sign of somebody being Irish, or of Irish descent.

5. Count Dracula

The famous story of Count Dracula was written by an Irish person. His name was Bram Stoker. People believe that he gathered inspiration from some the real life events of a Romanian ruler, called Vlad the Impaler. In reality Vlad the Impaler lived almost 400 years before Bram Stoker, so it’s not know if this is true or not.

4. John Tyndall

The first person in the world to confirm the greenhouse effect, and to report that the sky was blue, happened to be an Anglo-Irish born individual named John Tyndall. That’s not all, as he is the person who is credited for introducing the word “Physicist”. It is said that he preferred being called a physicist.

3. Art

The world of art and literature will always remain incomplete without acknowledging the contributions of Ireland. The Irish Poetry has been termed the oldest segment of art in Europe. That’s not all, as many Irish Nationals have been able to win Noble Prizes and many other honorary awards for their contributions to art.

2. Symbols

Ireland, just like all other countries, has many national symbols of its own. These symbols are an expression of the country’s freedom and sovereignty. These symbols include: The Green Shamrock, the Great Celtic Cross and the historical Harp Lager.

1. Titanic

I think almost everybody in the world knows the story of this ship, which has also been the subject of many movies. It was a great ship, the first of its kind, and it was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Even though that is not part of the Republic of Ireland, many people still consider the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as one single place called Ireland.

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