Most Expensive Food

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Here are most expensive foods you can try if you are millionaire or billionaire.

Pizza Louis XIII – $9500

The pizza Louis XIII is presently the most expensive in the world. It is designed and cooked by a multi-award winning Italian Master Pizza Chef and trained Pizza Instructor Mr.Renato Viola. But it is not only the cooking that makes this pizza the most expensive in world it’s also the expensive ingredients like Australian Murray River Salt, Oscietra Caviar, Beluga Caviar, Prawn Red Acciaroli Cilento, Lobster Palinurus Elephas, Cicada in the Mediterranean (Squilla mantis) and the dough for Louis XIII pizza requires 72-hour natural levitation which makes it highly digestible.

Berco’s Popcorn – $3800

Berco’s is the most expensive popcorn in the world, there’s real gold on this popcorn. Organic sugar, butter from Vermont Creamery, and of course Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla and the salt and how It obtained is what really brings it all together. The Danish island Laeso according to Norse mythology was home to Aegir the King of the Sea. To us it’s just the place where the most expensive salt in the world comes from.

Golden Phoenix Cupcake – $1200

The Golden Phoenix cupcake, made using 23-carat edible gold sheets is the most expensive cupcake being sold in a franchise Bloomsbury’s in the Dubai. Not millionaires but billionaires can afford to have this dessert every day.  

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