10 of The Most Dangerous Poisons In The World

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Any substance that irritates or harms the activity of the tissues of the body is known as poison. It is a chemical substance that is toxic or extremely harmful for the body. The induction of poison in one’s body in sufficient quantity can cause severe effects. There are different routes for poison intake like it can be ingested, inhaled, injected or can be absorbed through skin There are some deadly poisons that are so much lethal even in small quantities. These poisons are so much harmful and injurious to our body that it can lead to death. Here is the list of top ten most dangerous poisons in the world that are extremely hazardous for our body. Everyone should be familiar with them and their adverse effects that include death of the person.

dangerous poisons

10. Heroin

Heroin is an illegal street drug that is very addictive, it is made from morphine. An overdose of this drug may result in severe harmful symptoms or death. It suppresses the nervous system and creates a feeling of euphoria. The death rate is 20% among heroin users. The symptoms of heroin poisoning include impaired vision, seizures, hypotension, coma and death due to respiratory failure.

9. Mercury

Low levels of mercury like that found in fish are not toxic to individuals who ingest and digest it. But if the vaporized form of mercury is inhaled it affects the lungs and brain by sealing the central nervous system. Mercury has been used a lot of times for assassination. Russian lawyer Karinna Moskkalenko claimed that he was assassinated by mercury poison left in his car while two other journalists were also poisoned by mercury.

8. Polonium

A slow killing poison with no cure is Polonium, which is a radioactive element, discovered by Marie Curie and Pierre Curie. 1gram of vaporized polonium can kill approximately 1.5 million people in just few months. Ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko and Yasir Arafat are the most popular cases of Polonium poisoning. A dose much higher than median lethal dose was present in tea of Litvinenko and due to its ingestion, he died after three weeks.

7. Ricin

Richin is amongst the most dangerous poisons in the world, it is derived from castor bean. A very small quantity of this is enough to kill an adult person, it prevents the manufacturing of proteins that are essential for survival and leads to shock. It causes respiratory and other organs failure and leads to death within hours.

6. Sarin

It is a lethal nerve gas which was used previously as a pesticide but now it is used in weapons as main components for destruction during wars. After being exposed to it, the glands and muscles stop working, runny nose and chest tightness are initial symptoms, and then there is complete loss of body function and person become comatose.

5. Strychnine

It is a very poisonous chemical that is used commonly as pesticide to kill birds and rodents. Its source is strychnine tree and if ingested it causes muscular convulsions and death due to suffocation or asphyxia. It is unduly used by athletes to improve their performance. It is extremely lethal and death occurs within two to three hours of exposure. It has no antidote but anticonvulsants and activated charcoal infusion are proved useful.

4. Botulinum

One of the deadliest poison that is commonly present in cosmetics products is Botulinum. A small quantity of this lethal poison can purportedly kill more than million of peoples. Its hazardous effects include blurred vision, weakness of muscles, dry mouth, inappropriate swallowing and ultimately lead to death because of suffocation.

3. Cyanide

One dangerous poison is cyanide, it is a mitochondrial toxin and is one of the fastest lethal poison. It is used in ancient and modern period as a method of decapitation as it causes death within minutes to hours of exposure. Cyanide salts are often used as rapid acting suicide devices, famous story writer Horacio Quiroga and renowned polymer chemist Wallace Carothers committed suicide with Cyanide.

2. Arsenic

Arsenic is a heavy metal and has many toxic characteristics. It is known as “The King of Poisons” due to its vigilance and potency. Previously it was practically undetectable and therefore it was used as a murderer or as an enigma story element. Arsenic poisoning start with headache, nausea or vomiting and lead to coma or death. This poison has taken away the lives of many famous people Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Francis Hall, Simon Bolivar and George the 3rd of England are few examples

1. Aluminum Phosphide

Aluminum Phosphide poisoning is also known as Wheat pill poisoning and it is most dangerous poison in the world. Wheat pills contain aluminum phosphide as an active ingredient, they are used in grains for their preservation, having no antidote. There is immediate release of phosphine gas, from Aluminum Phosphide when it s ingested and immediately affects the different organs. Its sign and symptoms include Thirst, nausea, vomiting, burning epigastrium, hypotension, shock, arrythmias, congestive cardiac failure and ultimately cardiac arrest. Death is very common with this poison.

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