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Military’s 10 Best Attack Helicopters In The World

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People who love helicopters often search for the best attack helicopters by military and we have decided to make a list of 10 best attack helicopters and ranked them on the base of their performance, firepower and protection. We won’t be talking about any under development projects by military so the list of military’s best attack helicopters includes following machines.

1. AH-64E Boeing Apache GuardianAH-64E Boeing Apache Guardian

It’s the upgraded sequel to AH-64A that was introduced for American army, replacing AH-1 Cobra. This Apache helicopter is designed with mast-mounted antenna accompanied by latest fire control Longbow radar. It can fire on the Hellfire II air-to-ground missiles & that too in the fire-&-forget mode. The other improved features include battle management mechanism, targeting, weapons, cockpit communications & navigation systems. It comes fitted with one 30 mm capacity cannon. It scores highest in the list of best attack helicopters available today.

2. AH-IZ Viper
best attack helicopters

The AH-IZ Viper is surely one of best helicopters of the world & is used by American Marine Corps. The attack helicopter has been developed in tune with first ever dedicated combat helicopter AH-1 Cobra. The new Viper is equipped with new rotor, new engines, updated avionics, upgraded transmission & latest target-shifting capacity. Besides, it also comes with infrared suspension feature & 3 barrel cannon of 20mm capacity. The Viper can carry up till sixteen Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, 2 Sidewinder air-to-air fire-&-forget missiles as well as unguided rockets pods.

3. Ka-52 Hokum-B
Ka-52 Hokum-B

It is an improved version of Ka-52 Hokum & is a favorite of Russian army. It’s hailed as one among the fastest & most maneuverable combat helicopters given its couple of contra-rotating coaxial main rotors. This gunship comes backed with up till twelve anti-tank Vikhr missiles and 30 mm capacity cannon. The other features are battlefield management capacity, target detection and data exchange facility with various helicopters & 3rd party sources

4. Eurocopter Tiger
Eurocopter Tiger - best military helicopter

This helicopter was a joint development by Germany & France and is considered as one among the premium most helicopters today. The medium-weight helicopter is armed with updated stealth technology & comes in escort & attack versions. The “attack” mode Tiger is engineered with HOT 3 or trogat anti-tank missiles plus unguided rockets & air-to-air Stinger missiles. The other version comes with 30 mm capacity cannon, unguided missiles & air-to-air Mistral missiles.

5. Mi-28 Havoc
Mi-28 Havoc

This edgy helicopter has been designed with couple of heavily-armored cockpits & is said to be one among the best armored combat helicopters till date. The helicopter also comes with emergency-escape mechanism. Besides, the helicopter is equipped with 8 anti-armor Ataka missiles, 30 mm capacity cannon & unguided rocket-pods. The Havoc version is better equipped for an anti-armor function.

6. Black Hawk UH-60
Black Hawk UH-60

The Black-Hawk UH-60 is a twin-engine, medium-lift, 4 bladed utility helicopter vehicle, which is recognized as the popular-most combat helicopter across the globe. It is hugely used in American army & this iconic chopper has worked for many armed forces across the globe, including Taiwan’s. Interestingly, the Black Hawk UH-60 constituted the highlight of the famous book & film “Black Hawk Down”.

7. Z-10
Z-10 - best attack helicopters

Z-10 is first ever dedicated combat helicopter from China and it is placed at 7th spot in list of best attack helicopters. The helicopter is backed by extensive tech-assistance from Augusta & Eurocopter. In regards to weapons, this advanced Chinese helicopter comes with anti-tank HJ-9 guided missiles, 30 mm capacity cannon, latest anti-tank HJ-10 missiles & air-to-air TY-90 missiles. Its main mission is anti-armor & battlefield interdiction & carries some restricted air-to-air combat power. All the vital areas of the helicopter are guarded with armor plates.

8. A129 Mangusta
A129 Mangusta

It was the 1st dedicated combat helicopter produced from Western Europe. This Italian production is quite a lightweight premium chopper which carries lesser armor in comparison to its counterparts. However, the advanced rotor blades here are able to withstand the hits from say 30 mm rounds. Its primary function is anti-tank & A129 Mangusta has been equipped with TOW or Hellfire anti-tank missiles as well as Mistral or Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. The helicopter could be deployed in armed reconnaissance, ground attack, anti-armor, fire support & escort roles.

9. Mi-24 Hind
Mi-24 Hind

It’s one among the popular most attack helicopters of all times and has been extensively used in several military conflicts & wars. It comes equipped with stepped heavily-armored cockpits & under-nose gun-turret. The initial versions were designed with twin-barrel 23mm cannon but the latest ones carry the similar cannon in 30mm capacity. The other weapons arming up the helicopter include un-operated rockets and anti-tank missiles. The helicopter holds a troop transport (secondary) capacity & carries a complete infantry squad featuring 8 full-equipped troops.

10. Chinook CH-47
Military Best Attack Helicopters

Chinook CH-47 is not really an attack helicopter but we can’t deny it’s importance on war field. The Chinook CH-47 is one among the longest-service helicopters today since its introduction in the year 1962. This tandem-rotor, twin engine backed heavy-lift helicopter travels at a pace of 314 kmh. At present, it is deployed by the Japan, US & Netherlands military units.

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