Five Reasons Why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Got Married

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Do you also wonder why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married?

Definitely not a secret anymore, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recited their matrimonial vows over the weekend in France. Sounds romantic with all the secretiveness and France going on, but with six kids to call their own, it wasn’t exactly the biggest of surprises. However, the big question mark still hangs in the air- why marry now? Both, Pitt and Angelina are broadminded about the concept and had a successful relationship going on without needing it to be official. Here are five reasons as to why they tied the knot:

  1. Publicity: Being known as one of the most epic relationships in Hollywood, Brad and Angelina were famous for having such a successful relationship without a marriage. “Brangelina,” according to their famous celebrity couple name, had years of talk all around them for being a great couple without being a married couple. However, the talk couldn’t last forever and people had finally gotten used to their being together. So they decided to get married and raise the talks again. Mission successful, we’d say.
  2. Marriage Advantages: There are always advantages for married couples – more so than there are for unmarried couples. While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wouldn’t need advantages, they probably still deemed it necessary to have an official record of things set down in paper. Financial and security benefits are eventually something everyone needs – even famous Hollywood stars.
  3. Certainty: It is widely known that couples who know each other and have lived with each other prior to getting married have lives that are more successful. While nine years and six kids seem like a lot of time to contemplate on whether they are serious or not, Brangelina finally made their decision.
  4. Engagement: The famous Hollywood couple had announced their engagement back in 2012 and the public was starting to get impatient as to when they would get married, if ever. Seeing that people were starting to doubt that they ever would marry, Brangelina decided to prove them all wrong.
  5. Other Benefits: No matter how famous or a big of a celebrity, Brad and Angelina are still human with basic emotions and feelings. Every couple needs some sort of psychological support, some way to know that their partner’s commitment is as loyal as their own. So marriage provided them, as it does to other couples, a sort of support to their relationship, and make it healthier one.

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