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5 Organs In Body Without Which Humans Can Live

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With the ever increasing rate of organ failure in the world, one would want to know exactly how many organs one can live without. Now, organs in this context mean vital organs such as the heart, the brain or just organs in general. How many of these can be extricated from one’s body before the need for some serious concern? Without any further ado and in no particular order here are five organs that a human can live without.

Human Body full

  • Stomach


In the case that a person develops a stomach cancer, it is advised that the whole stomach is extracted to prevent further struggle. The oesophagus (food pipe) can instead, be connected directly to the small intestine and apart from the digestion of a few vitamins, nothing else is affected. So stomach is an organ without which humans can live.

  • Kidneys


You can live without a kidney, probably because you’ve got two, but even if both of your kidneys were rubbish at doing what they’re supposed to, you can still survive. Kidney dialysis is a process where a kidney dialysis machine cleanses your body of all of its toxins. It’s not a very pretty process and it’s rather painful, but it can’t be said that you can’t survive without it, so kidney is an organ without which humans can live.

  • Large intestine

large intestine

If the large intestine gets infected like in the case of colitis and becomes useless, then you can actually have it entirely removed. Surgeons can then cut a J shaped tube from a segment of the small intestine that serves as a large intestine and will function as such. The only scuffle will be that, the person will have to take trip to the latrine a little more frequently. Apart from this, not having a large intestine is not a big deal.

  • Gall bladder


This little organ is mostly used by the body for the elimination of fats. It can be easily removed by surgical means and it won’t have an adverse effect. You would have to eat less fatty substances and take care of your diet but that’s about it with your worries.

  • Reproductive parts

Reproductive Organs

Yes, you won’t be able to have children but the uterus, ovaries and testes can all be removed from your body and it’ll pose no threat. The detachment of a uterus is fairly normal for a woman after she reaches a certain age and therefore reproductive parts are organs without which humans can live.

They may seem important but considering scientific development; there are five and more organs that humans can live without.


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