10 places you must see in New York City

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New York has to be one of the most popular cities to visit in the USA, nay, the World. When people hear talk of New York, they think of King Kong, prohibition in the 20s, theater and the Empire State building. No other place in the USA is so full of rich, colorful history. When planning your stay in New York, carefully plan your itinerary so you don’t miss out on 10 places you must see in New York City.


  1. The Flatiron building

    must see in New York City

    It looks like a narrow block from a distance, but if you walk around the building, you can see that it actually has a triangular shape.
    The Flatiron building is more than 100 years old, and originally was named Flatiron after the Victorian cast iron shape. It’s the hot spot for world-famous publishers, but they may have to move by 2019, as an Italian developer plans to convert the building into a hotel. Definitely an iconic, must see New York City building.

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge

    must see in New York City

    You’ve seen it in countless movies and TV Shows. Sometimes even in the opening scenes. Some of the movies are: Gangs of New York, I Am Legend, It Happened in Brooklyn, The Dark Night Rises.

    The best photo opportunities are available from the East River Waterfront Esplanade, at Pier 15.

  1. The Frying Pan

    must see in New York City

    If you want to make the most of your visit, combine sightseeing with munchies, at The Frying Pan. This boat originally resided in North Carolina, and even spent a bit of time under water. Have a meal at its restaurant inside. There are real barnacles on the walls!

  1. Empire State Building

    must see in new york city

    It goes without saying that the Empire State Building is a must-see in New York City. However, did you know that at night time it’s lit up with a variety of decorative lights? The best way to view the Empire State Building is from a distance. You won’t know what you’ll get each evening, so be sure to peek out the window each night.

  1. Rockerfeller Center Observation Deck

    must see in new york city

    The Rockerfeller Center Observation Deck is a great place to view the entirety of New York City. It’s a bit pricey to take the elevator up, but worth it at the top. If you’re a photographer, this is a great spot to take some beautiful panoramas of New York City. Check out the topiaries at the base of the tower as well.

  1. Battery Park City

    must see in new york city

    Battery Park City has some interesting sculptures scattered around the park. You can have a lovely stroll, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Find the “Eyes” of the city sculpture.

  1. Freedom Tower

    must see in new york city

    We were all dismayed by the tragic day of 9-11. After the Twin Towers were destroyed, and the site was cleared, the Freedom Tower building was built on this site to commemorate those who lost their lives.

  1. Washington Park

    must see in new york city

    Washington Park is not as crowded as Central Park, but is still a great spot to go for a breath of fresh air. Check out the statues! Look for the Washington Square Arch as well.

  1. Hudson River Sunset

    Hudson River

    If you enjoy watching sunsets, the Hudson River has several spots where you can view the sundown in the evening while getting some exercise.

  1. Viceroy Rooftop

    must see in new york city

    Another great spot to catch the sunset while having some refreshing drinks is at the Viceroy rooftop deck. Chill out after a hard day’s sightseeing around New York.


You’ll have to cram a lot into your New York trip, but when you make a list of the top ten things to see in New York, you’ll impress your friends back home with how much you saw during your trip.

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