10 Most Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For 2014

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Your mother is no doubt the person who loved you the most in your life. Right from the day you are born, your mother’s love is showered upon you. It goes the same way till the last day of life. A child can never really pay back the love of a mother, but can only try to make her happy and comfort her by any possible means. An important day to show your mother, how much you love her is mothers’ day. It is celebrated every year to take a day out of our busy lives and make our mothers understand how much we love them. Celebrating mothers’ day is simply incomplete without give some amazing and unexpected gifts. Following are top 10 most unique mother’s day gift ideas.

10. Scarf Holder

scarf hangers for mother's day
This beautiful structure has a polished chrome finish with a continuous loop technology. It holds scarves and other clothing accessories such as ties. It has 18 storage compartments and does not require any hanging hardware. If you are looking for a budget gift this is the best unique gift for mothers’ day.

9. Beginner’s Yoga Kit

yoga kit for mother's day gift
If your mom is concerned about her fitness, she will be happy to have this unique mothers’ day gift. This kit is perfect to start yoga practice and comes with all needed essentials. Includes alignment yoga mat, block and strap. There is also a DVD inside the kit helping the beginners with all they need to know and yoga program.

8. Iced Tea Maker

iced tea maker
Kitchen moms are going to love this mothers’ day gift. If your mom is fond of iced tea, Iced tea maker is the unique gift you should go for. It works with loose or bagged tea. Has a removable brew basket with adjustable brew strength. It has ice-lever marking and a non-drip spout. This will not only go with her for a long time but you will often have some excellent iced tea made from your mother’s hand.

7. Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Pedestal Jewelry Holder for mom
This artistic piece combines functionality and artistic embodiment in a doll form. Its wire rack design is good for hanging a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and others. Placed on a dressing table this gift will add to the beauty of your moms room. This gift on mothers’ day is different from the rest and can easily win you your mom’s heart.

6. Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer
In this age of innovations where technology is improving every aspect of human lives, you need to give your mom some digital household. This efficient little machine is easy to use with multiple features. It steams vegetables and meat and can simultaneously cook rice. It makes delicious soups and stews. Giving this unique gift to your mom this mothers’ day you can truly express you love to her.

5. Anti-gravity Adjustable Recliners

Anti-gravity Adjustable Recliners mother's day gifts
When children start earning, its time for parents to have some rest. Be on the beaches or the balconies what can be a better thing to lay down and enjoy ones’ self while having some rest, than the anti-gravity adjustable recliners. This unique gift has a steel suspension frame, eases back tension and offers a large number of back and leg positions. This surprise gift will simply make your mothers surpised on having the most unique mother’s day gift.

4. Bluetooth Bracelet Watch

Bluetooth Bracelet Watch
This smart modern gadget is perfect for a trendy mom. Its unique not only its shape but its functions as well. Its compatible with all bluetooth enabled phones and displays caller’s name and phone number whenever there is an incoming call. Has a built-in rechargeable battery with battery saving feature. Its average charging time is less than 3 hours. Its exclusively built for women’s wrists.

3. Electronic Book Reader

Electronic Book Reader for mom - 2014
Reading is something loved by everyone weather be it in any form. People read paper books, magazines, ebooks and blogs. For your mom to have ease of reading without the fatigue of carrying paper books along, this unique gift is the best on this mother’s day. This light weight gagdet has a 5” display. Can hold as much as 350 books at a time. Offers a very natural reading with its paper-look display. It gives two weeks of book reading on a single battery charge and can access content from a wide number of bookstores.

2. L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream
Every one of us got to admit that our mother are concerned about her skin, infact all the women are. Looking for a truly unique mothers’ day gift this time? This cream is what you are looking for. Its a great moisturizer. Helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Bring smoothness, maintains skin’s texture and relieves puffiness. It also evens skin tone.

1. Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Gift Set

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Gift Set for mother's day 2014
If your mother is gourmet and loves chocolates. This is going to be a special gift for her. With this gift you can truly thank your mother for all she has done for you. This gift set includes a gift tower which contains English toffee, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cashews and vanilla taffies. The gift set also contains butter toffee popcorn, chocolate chip cookies chocolate Bavarian pretzels and more. Because everybody loves chocolates and specially women do. This gift tops our list of most unique mothers’ day gifts.

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