10 Most Necessary WordPress Plugins

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Out of every 10 people in the world, 3 of them have gifted skills of expression and best way to express your feeling in this era is by Blogging. Blogs enable people to express their opinions in any way they like and when it comes to blogging, WordPress is the most prominent Blogging tool ever made. Being open source and PHP/SQL based, it is used almost everywhere. Plugins can be related as Apps on Android as they enhance your blog and allow users to do much more than just blogging. They are as essential to blogging as breathing is to humans. There are about 26,000 different plugins to choose from but here we will discuss top 10 most necessary WordPress Plugins.



10. Disqus Comment System

It replaces WordPress default comment system with its own comment system. Disqus Comment System has better indexing power which makes it SEO friendly and it makes your blog look smooth, so in list of ten most necessary WordPress Plugins, Disqus Comment System is on 10th.

9. Page Navi Slider

Page Navi Slider Replaces original boring WordPress slider with jQuery Slider, allowing you to give a better look and feel to your Blog. You can modify almost everything of slider with Page Navi Slider and it also supports touch screens.

8. Awesome Weather Widget/Plugin

This Awesome Weather Plugin shows unicorns (no, just kidding!) Of-course as the name indicates, it adds a weather forecaster to your blog, it can be as customized easily. Awesome weather plugin takes eighth position in 10 most essential WordPress plugins.

7. Top 10

On list of top 10 necessary plugin, 7th number is “top 10” plugin, it helps you to keep track of your popular posts and their viewers, it also displays you popular and trending posts. Also it keeps the count of pages and posts.

6. Zedity

Zedity is the WordPress plugin that allows you to add Multimedia content to your blog in an extremely easy way; it also allows you to design your content in any way you like. Zedity is no doubt one of the most necessary WordPress plugin.

5. Smart Layers by AddThis

Smart Layers allow you to add different layers to your blog, enhancing its look and feel. It also allows you to add Share buttons of different social networks to boost your popularity, it includes social authentication so you don’t have to worry about Spammers. Moreover, it is easy as making a call. It supports three main genres of themes; Light, transparent, and dark. Depending on your blog type, you can customize them.

4. Convertible

Convertible is the marketing tool which deals with forums, allowing you to track Source, Geo-location, page visits, page views, and time spent on each site etc. It also allows you to receive email as soon as submission arrives and its management with charts and notes.

3. WebPurify Profanity Filter

Who needs explicit and abusive content being posted on his blog? Literally, no one does. So in order to keep your blog neat and clean, WebPurify allows you to purifiy not only English but Thai, Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish too, they also provide 7 days freeware license but after that you have to buy the services.

2. W3 Total Cache

Imagine you are trying to open a webpage and it is taking quite a time to load, let just say 30 seconds to load, what would you do? Thirty seconds on Internet is like a half an hour in real life. The answer is simple to slow load time pages, click exit! Now imagine that your own page is taking this much time to load, you might get followers but all of them will be from 56K modem! So in order to keep your Page running smooth and quick load time W3 Total Cache is the only Optimization program available on WordPress. Almost every considerable Company/Organization related to WordPress uses this plugin. So on 2nd position of top 10 WordPress Plugins is w3 Total Cache.

1. OSE Firewall™ Security

Only answer available to block hacking/compromised accounts is by switching the network off but that can’t be done. So in order to keep your blog safe, you need some security that is up to date. OSE Firewall Security is a giant Plugin for WordPress and it works like a Giant, sees everything, kills everything. It provides Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Security check, Malware check, in short it is the complete security suite available on WordPress. So it automatically gets place of 1st of top 10 WordPress Plugin.

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