10 Most Funny Facts About English Language

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They say that English is a funny language. But have you ever wondered exactly how funny the language actually is? Let’s have a look at some of the funny facts about English language which makes it amusing both for its speakers as well as readers. These funny facts are only few among the list of interesting attributes attached to the language over time since its evolution which not only make it slightly confusing for its learners but even for the most fluent English speakers around.


Runny noses but smelly feet

You would never have heard of words like ‘runny feet’ or a ‘smelly nose’. In spite of being unheard of, this word combination is quite logical due to the similarities in the words’ relation to each other. However, two completely unrelated words are usually used together to result in a ‘runny nose’ and ‘smelly feet’.

1. Runny noses but smelly feet

An eggplant has no egg

2. An eggplant has no egg funny facts about English language

Anyone who is new to English and comes across the word ‘eggplant’ would instantly try to think about members of the vegetation family who produce eggs. However, an eggplant does not hatch from an egg, lay an egg, or contain any trace of an egg. An extremely funny fact about English language, isn’t it?

Indolence – Laziness with elegance

3. Indolence – Laziness with elegance

English might be the only language which provides a classy touch of elegance to someone who is lazy. Indolence is an attribute associated to person having the characteristics of lethargy or laziness.

Vegetarians eat vegetables. What do humanitarians eat?

4. Vegetarians eat vegetables. What do humanitarians eat.

The funny side of English gets a bit creepy when you compare the words vegetarian and humanitarian. Though the two words have completely different meanings, explaining the word humanitarian to someone who is familiar with vegetarian might get a bit tricky, making it a creepy funny fact about English language.

A pineapple has nothing to do with an apple or a pine!

5. A pineapple has nothing to do with an apple or a pine funny facts about English language

Ask a person who doesn’t know a pineapple to draw it for you and you will see an apple sitting next to a pine tree. But the fact of the matter is that a pineapple has nothing to do with any of the two elements but still gets its name from the two. Now isn’t that a deceptive funny fact about English language?

Think again before you ‘testify’!

6. Think again before you testify

You might prove your loyalty to someone by standing by them in court to support their case or evidence. The word “testify” came into existence in the courts of Rome when men in the courtroom attested a statement by literally swearing on their testicles. Next time you want to testify to someone’s case, think again on how far you are willing to go!

The little ‘tittle’

7. The little ‘tittle’

The English language gives much attention to detail by having a name for even the tiniest creatures in the family of alphabets. Did you ever wonder about what the tiny little dot on the letter ‘i’ is called? Well, now you know that it is called a ‘tittle’.

The Lethologica

8. The Lethologica funny facts about English language

Have you ever come across a situation when you are not able to remember the word you want to say? Whatever that word was, this situation you were in is referred to as Lethologica if it provides you with some comfort or helps in remembering your word!

GO is the shortest sentence

9. GO is the shortest sentence

The two letter sentence gets right to the business without wasting any effort, time or even letters. Ironically, the word ‘go’ generally refers to the start of something but also happens to be the shortest sentence in the English language.

The word Queue wastes letters

10. The word Queue wastes letters funny facts about English language

Even if the last four letters of the word ‘Queue’ are removed, it would still be pronounced the same way. Why would the language waste more letters if it served the purpose by just one letter? This also makes you wonder why does the word ‘I’ have one letter and is not spelled as ‘Iieie’!

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