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10 Best Hairstyles of FIFA World Cup 2014

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Football World Cup has always been a great trendsetter for the fashion enthusiasts with many new and interesting hairstyles. Fans always follows the hairstyles of the their favorite football players that’s why i have made a list of best fifia world cup hairstyles so that you can follow the fashion of your favorite soccer players. In this list i have also included the names of these new hairstyles of 2014. Here is a list on Top 10 Best Hairstyles of FIFA Worldcup 2014.



10. Top mop (Raheem Sterling)


This England mid-fielder has been able to garner much attention this World Cup thanks to his wacky stylish hairstyle. Sterling is a young lad of 19 who sports a spectacular thick mop of hair on the top of his head while the rest of head stays neatly shaven. Backed by huge volume, height & an enviable élan to stay unperturbed in spite of Brazil’s notorious weather, Raheem’s top mop is quite a sight.

9. Ivory Strip (Serey Die)

Ivory Strip (Serey Die) hairstyle

Die dons quite a unique hair-do where you have the entire head clean shaven but what stands out is the thick strip of hair that goes round right from crown till the neck. The interesting bit is that the entire streak is peroxide bleached creating stark contrast.

8. Beckham-style Giroud

Beckham-styled Giroud hairstyle

Beckham has always been the style god of football and it was his trendy hairstyles that made huge waves, much like his goals. France forward Olivier Giroud has been right in emulating the soccer style god and the dapper man looks even more handsome this World Cup with his perfect Beckham-inspired mane. His neatly cut hair which is longish in middle & short on sides is quite a match with his charismatic face as it aptly accentuates his killer chin & cheekbones.

7. Afro (Marouane Fellaini)

Afro hairstyle 2014 (Marouane Fellaini)

Fellaini was a huge support for Belgium in this World Cup and was really instrumental to safeguard his country from Algeria shocker. But apart from the goals, Marouane’s fans also remember him for his unique Afro hairdo. It looks like a massive shockingly frizzy mane which stays undeterred even from gravitational pull. In fact, Fellaini’s hair-style is creating more news than his footwork these days.

6. Dreadlocks (Kyle Beckerman)

Dreadlocks (Kyle Beckerman) hairstyle

With such trademark dreadlocks, Kyle Beckerman looks more of a musician rather than a US midfielder. One glance at his Bob Marley inspired hair do would make one feel that he is just about to pull some strings, get high on a joint before starting on some great Marley numbers on field. The player says that it’s his laziness towards taming his curly knocks that resulted in this head turner hairstyle.

5. Mohawk & tribal patterns (Mario Balotelli)

Mohawk & tribal patterns hairstyle (Mario Balotelli)

The list of 2014 World’s best hairstyles would have stayed incomplete without any mention of Balotelli who has been one of the trendsetters in wacky hairstyles in football. Staying true to his conventional Mohawk, Balotelli loves to experiment with patterns, colors & hieroglyphics. Recently he has got intricate archaic tribal patterns neatly shaved into both sides of the head.

4. Mohawk & golden borders (Paul Pogba)

Mohawk & golden borders hairstyle (Paul Pogba)

Fondly known as Europe’s Golden Boy, Pogba sports somewhat Balotelli-esque Mohawk with unique designs by the sides of head. His high Mohawk is bleached in golden near borders & he has got the undercuts patterned neatly as rows.

3. Golden 3 (Asamoah Gyan)

Golden 3 (Asamoah Gyan) fifa 2014

The Ghana professional is extremely smart in forwarding trend-setting hairstyles as much as he is sharp with his on-field antics. He too sports a Mohawk like most of the other stylish soccer stars but the uniqueness of his head is a “3” (jersey number) neatly shaved on one side of the head. To add on to the wacky style quotient, Gyan lately dyed up the “3” in pure golden celebrating the national flag of his country.

2. Long fringe (Neymar)

Long fringe hairstyle (Neymar) 2014

Every World Cup you will have scores and scores of youth lining up before salons emulating the unique hair-dos of the soccer style icons- and Neymar is surely one of the top most followed stars this year not only on the field but in the salons as well. The 22-year-old crowned prince of Brazil soccer sports quite a peppy and funky hairstyle with longish fringe on top, middle and end of his head while the sides are neatly shaven.

1. Supportive Scar (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Supportive Scar hairstyle (Cristiano Ronaldo)

His gelled faux-hawk look has always been a winner & it is never disheveled even while he’s tearing down the defenses or is under attack by defenders. Recently, his hair-do has taken a distinct zig-zag look, smartly shaved by the side. The top & middle of the head is rich with thick mop but you will notice a fine parting on the shaved side. Portugal’s pretty captain is not simply talented on-field but he has a golden heart as well- the scar-like parting mark on his head was in support for some young lad whose brain-tumor surgery left such a similar scar on the head.


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